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Best Tech Gadgets for Lawyers


If you are a lawyer or know someone who is in the legal field we all know just how busy they can be, and it will be a great benefit to them to try and make their working lives a little bit easier. A way of doing this is by having many top gadgets that are useful or designed for lawyers in mind and other working professionals, especially suited to enable them to work as efficiently as possible. Here are the top ten gadgets for lawyers.

1. The Apple iPad

As you may be aware, the Apple iPad has users from all walks of life, but this gadget can be especially helpful to lawyers, since there are range of uses, and it is just like having a computer with you at all times. There are specialist applications that can be downloaded to help lawyers with a range of activities, such as presentations and different legal dictionaries which is needed for a range of cases. Keeping client documents on hand can help a lawyer review cases on the go.

2. BUSlink Cipher Sheild External Hard Drive

All lawyers know that one case can have literally hundreds of documents attached to it, therefore a trusty hard drive is fundamental. The great thing here is that it actually encrypts all data and can only be access with a special key. This is great for privacy of client details.

3. Flip Video Cameras

This is a lightweight video camera that is able to capture videos, even in low light, which helps lawyers capture details of cases to be reviewed at a later date. Essentially, this can be used for video blogging and as a collection of evidence and documents for cases.

4. Livescribe Echo Smartpen

This handy little gadget helps its users with note taking, which is crucial for lawyers. When lawyers are multi-tasking it can be difficult to get all the facts and it is simply impossible to take notes of every factor, especially when you are in court. The Livescribe Echo Smartpen helps with this and records conversations for later use.

5. Vivitek D511 Digital Projector

This projector is easy to see why it made the list as it will help lawyers show others their case, especially eager clients. Great value for money and it will display the projection clearly.

6. Powermat 3X

This is just what is needed for lawyers who have a range of electrical gadgets, as you do not have to carry around the different chargers. The Powermat 3X simply charges different appliances by placing them on the mat, that way lawyers do not have to waste their time searching for chargers and cables.

7. Wireless Display Cords

Laptops and tablets are great for showing information, however all lawyers should be able to take it up a notch by displaying information on other forms such as televisions for a larger audience.

8. Pen Scanner

Simply by highlighting text with this pen you are able scan writing on various different documents. Also, the scanned document can be easily uploaded to your own computer or tablet. This is ideal for those who only want to review specifics in a document or book.

9. All-in-One Printer

Most lawyers review notes from home, and to make life a bit easier a fax, printer and scanner, all in one, allows lawyers to work from home and not dash to the office to send a document, it is like being in the office at home.

10. Notebook

A notebook computer is brilliant as it is small and lightweight and can be used just as a simple laptop on the go. They are handy when lawyers are travelling by train or bus and since they are so small you can hardly feel they are there!

To conclude, this article shows that there are many gadgets on the market that can be used to save time for lawyers and enable them to work more efficiently and help their routine.

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This post has been written by Sara Marie. She loves to write about various aspects of Technology. She recommends Arthur Miller Attorney as the best Accident Lawyer Vancouver WA.

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