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The Best Headphones to Buy for Your Kids

We see more and more tablets and iPads in schools today, and lots of parents want to give their child every technological advantage they can, and this includes shopping for headphones.

Whether it’s for recreational or educational purposes, every child deserves to have headphones for their own personal use. The technological world has been growing and changing and every aspect of society is changing right along with it. One example is children owning their own pair of headphones for personal use and in school.

We see more and more tablets and iPads in schools today, and lots of parents want to give their child every technological advantage they can, and this includes shopping for headphones. Though you may not know where the best places are for buying new and useful gadgets, here are a few to get you started.

This list of the best headphones for kids came after a series of tests based on various criteria including cost, comfort, ease of travel and wireless, among others. The following have been chosen as the most suitable:

Leapfrog Headphones

Leapfrog headphiones are designed with child-friendly features including style, color and texture. They are created to provide maximum comfort and safety for kids especially with its sound controlled feature of not producing more than 85db at any given time. This is recommended for kids by health professional and for additional safety; this headphone is designed with a padded headband covered with a soft cushion for the ear. This headphone is easily compatible with computers, tablets, phones and other electronic devices and comes with a four foot cord length. See details at

Sciencesy’s Foldable Glowing Cat Ear Headphones

These earphones are unique and designed with kid-friendliness in mind. They have a LED glowing feature with cushion soft padded ear covers for comfort and sound alterations for safety. They can be used for mobiles and other headphone compatible devices. You can see more details at

MEE KidJamz

These headphones is designed with cost in mind as it provides and affordable budget for customers. This headphone is built with a 85db volume limit to prevent hearing damages and parent controlled monitors for alterations especially in select backgrounds. This headphone is designed with a soft over the ear cushion for kids and can be used with multiple electronic devices. It is also made with a flexible headband that makes it less susceptible to give any head injuries. It can be bent, twisted or adjusted to fit head sizes. You can see them on

LilGadgets Headphones

This is considered among the best in wireless headphones for kids. The wireless features makes it great for kids in that they will have less wires and cords to come in contact with and thus being less of a hassle. It is a rechargeable headphone with capabilities of lasting up to 12 hours on battery life and another 180 of standby before needing charge. The ear cups are made with soft material to comfort the ear during play and altered volume options for select background location or noises. View all details at

All these headphones are designed with a long-lasting durability, environment and human friendly materials. They can be used for children ages 2 and up and can be used for any select purpose.

When providing your child with the very best that technology has to offer, choosing the right headphones is important.

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