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10 Unexpected Beauty Benefits of Coffee

Who wants a nice cup of cup of hot coffee? A quick skim of the best coffee maker reviews can solve that problem for you, but what about leftover coffee? You find yourself wondering if that too can be put to use somehow; and the benefits of it, if any. Surprisingly enough, coffee has been used rather untraditionally in beauty masks etc for some time now.

It is not uncommon to find coffee scented or coffee infused scrubs and creams. The antioxidants and level of caffeine in a hot cuppa is also quite surprisingly and extremely benefitting to one’s skin.

Some of the most practical and surprising beauty benefits of coffee are:

1. Puffiness Under Eyes

Everyone who’s looking for the best coffee maker reviews knows one of the many things to look at when looking to purchase a coffee grinder is the leftover powdery residue. This is something that can be used in many beauty remedies involving coffee. High In caffeine, coffee tends to wake us up, and physical application of coffee residue mixed in water or any other liquid reduces puffiness under the eyes.

Therefore, if you have particularly puffy eyes in the morning then simply apply some and let it stay for a bit in order to reduce puffiness and appear more alert.

2. Skin Tightening

Coffee is swarming with antioxidants, and through excessive physical intake may actually do more harm to your skin than good, physically applying it on your skin can do wonders. The antioxidant agents seep into the skin and hydrate it.

Some skin tightening masks include:

  • Coffee and honey mixed 1:1 ratio and applied for 10-15 minutes bi-weekly.
  • Coffee mixed with any oil (olive, coconut) and some salt applied for 10-15 minutes.

3. Face and Body Exfoliation

One of the most hidden beauty benefits of coffee is its use in homemade scrubs. The chemical makeup of coffee is such that it aids skin cleaning. Moreover, the grinding texture makes it perfect for use in homemade scrubs.

How to make homemade coffee scrubs for body and lips

  • Take some coarsely ground coffee and combine it with brown sugar
  • Add natural oil or essential oil of your choice
  • Put into small containers and use for scrubbing lips, face, and body.

How and when to use?

Simply take a small amount in your hand and mix it with water. For lips, it is recommended that you gently massage onto your damp lips in a circular motion and let it stay for around 2-3 minutes. After rinsing off, not only will your lips look wonderful and soft but also smell amazing!

4. Hair Masks

Coffee can be combined with various oils and used as hair masks for hydration of the hair and scalp. The hydrating agents in coffee combined with the natural goodness of Castor oils make for an amazing hair mask. Using these have proven effective in reducing frizz and increasing hair growth!

Some beauty gurus have gone as far as to recommend coffee infused hair oil. Simply mix some coffee into the hair oil of your choice and let it stay in the bottle. Apply liberally once a week for shiny, smooth, and fragrant hair.

5. Coffee Hair Rinse

Recently picked up popularity – the coffee hair rinse is real and people love it. A coffee hair rinse is simply taking your pot of unused, day-old coffee and rinsing your hair with it. Just simply, taking a cup of coffee and thoroughly rinsing your hair. This not only makes your hair smell wonderful but also adds a natural glow.

Coffee smelling hair that shines? The absolute dream if you ask me.

6. Metabolism Booster

A hot cup of espresso is something most of us look forward to amidst early morning woes. However, you see many people criticizing the growth in daily coffee drinkers by calling them caffeine addicted zombies; it is also true that the health and beauty benefits are endless. Coffee boost metabolism which helps keeps one’s body, and therefore skin, extremely healthy.

Moreover, physical applying coffee is known to minimize cellulite.

7. Fun Hair Tint

For people who have dark coloured, dyed hair; a coffee tint can do wonders. Simply take a cup of leftover, strong coffee and apply it to your hair. Not only has it been known to brighten hair but also enhance the colour itself in dyed hair.

8. Acne Reducing Face Masks

Frequent exfoliation keeps skin healthy, but coffee is actually extremely effective in reducing inflammation and calming acne prone skin down. The collagen and active agents in the coffee soothe the skin and are extremely effective in reducing acne.

9. Soothing Tired Feet

It is no secret that spas around the world use coffee soak to soothe feet. Coffee, combined with hot water and salt works wonders soothing tired feet. The warm water, mixed with coconut oil and vanilla extract increase circulation in feet. This, in turn, soothes the feet and relax your body.

10. Increasing Circulation Around the Face

When coffee is used in coffee infused body butter and cream, scrubs or facial masks – it increases circulation of blood around the face. The gently massaging of coffee infused cream has been known to not only work in rejuvenating and repairing facial skin but also increasing circulations around the face. This increase in blood flow makes skin healthy and bright.

Conclusion and Reservations

Hands down, one of the best things about waking up early is enjoying a cup of coffee. Though the excessive caffeine intake is not good for the body, it is also true that coffee does have some amazing health benefits that most of us do not talk about.

Spa owners, beauticians and hairdresser have all praised coffee and its health benefits. People tend to extensively read best coffee maker reviews so they can brew the perfect cup for use in their hair masks, scrubs etc.

As beneficial as it is, nothing comes without reservations. Extremely frequent applications or intake will definitely do you more harm than good. It is, therefore a rule of thumb to always use/intake things in moderation.

The best things, perhaps about these beauty benefits is the fact that you no longer have to worry about wasting that jug you brewed but forgot to finish. Now you can simply utilize your leftover coffee and use it to beautify your hair, skin, and body! Happy Pampering!

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