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How to Best Click the Picture of Pets

Pets play a significant part in most households and thus, pet photography acquiring popularity is not in the least surprising.

Pets, like other members of the family, have unique personalities, individual response to situations as well as a unique way of expressing themselves. Small events from dogs that love playing hide and seek to cats triumphantly perching on its favorite spot remain etched in the memory of pet owning families. To capture the nuance of these situations, we just need a camera and some techniques.

Here are few tips to eternalize the beautiful moments of your pet.

Use Natural Lights

Try to use natural lights while taking the picture of your pet. It is better to avoid flash as that do not just causes red eye, but it can scare away your pet as well. Try going outside for the shoot. If that is not possible, you can also shoot in a room that is well lit.

Consider the Personality of Your Pet

Before you begin photographing your pet, find out what sets your pet apart from others. This should not be tough as you spend a lot of time with your pet. The aim is to capture that parts of your pet’s personality that bring out his best.

If your pet is known to be a little lazy and sleepy, set up the photo shoot around the bed or the place he visits after meal. This will help you to capture a picture that sums him up properly.

If your pet is inquisitive, hyperactive and always on the move, it is better to shoot at the local park when he is busy playing.

Focus on the Eyes and Expressions

Eyes are one of the most significant parts of the face and thus, if you want to create really engaging portraits, focus on the eyes and the facial expression.

Get Rid of Clutter

Before you pull out the camera from your bag, take a look at the shooting location and get rid of all the distracting objects and the clutter.

If any element in the background does not enhance your image, consider removing it. If that is not possible, think of shooting in another location. Uncluttered environment is bound to produce aesthetically pleasing images. It reduces the post processing work as well. You certainly don’t want your puppy to be seen in front of an overflowing garbage can.

Be Quiet

Nothing can confuse a dog or freak out a cat more than the commands that you are barking out at them. Cats may disengage or leave the room while dogs become concerned and confused.

Try to communicate with the pets the way they do with each other, that is through gestures. If you have to say ‘sit’, tell them calmly, just once or twice. The less talking and commanding you do, better the shoot will be.

Choose the Right Shot

There are various ways to shoot great pictures of pets. Shooting portraits can be quite challenging when pets are involved, but the end result is certainly worth the extra effort. Using foods, toys or a person to direct a pet look at a given direction or elicit an expression may be essential.

For obtaining a natural scene, you can try incorporating the interaction with the family members or other pets. This will also help to capture the personality of your pet better.

It is better to use the settings your pet is most comfortable with like lying on the sofa or gazing out of the window. Engaging the pet in a natural or favorite activity also act as one of the best settings. This will make the job of getting an acceptable position from your pet easier.

Go Close

Though pets are of different sizes and shapes, in most cases, they are smaller than human beings. This makes them end up getting a little lost in the pictures unless you go up close to them.

Going close is not easy especially if your pet prefers to move around; however, this is really worth making the effort since the end result offered is astounding.

If you cannot go close to your pet physically, use zoom lens. You can also try out a wide angled lens.

Don’t force your pet to pose for you. It is better to capture them in a playful mode.

Most importantly, make the photo-shoot a fun-filled experience for both yourself as well as your pet. The shots are bound to reflect the enjoyment.

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Tristan Taylor, a proficient fashion photographer, is associated with various photography workshops, seminars and symposiums. He keeps himself updated with nitty-gritties of fashion photography industry. Tristan found Gulf Photo Plus extremely helpful to extract information regarding Fine art printing, Giclee print and other aspects related to photography.

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