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Backing Up The Newest Windows Operating System

Most of us nowadays heavily rely on the use of computers for our everyday needs. This usually includes their use in the office, at home and anywhere in between. The one thing that all these devices have in common is their need to use what is known as an operating system. The basic purpose of which is to allow for communication between the user and the device. This is a program that would allow one to use the device as they so desire at the end of the day. The only problem is that at times these may fail and with it may come the need for one to find ways in which they can access data that has been stored in their device. At times the failure may result due to a failure in the hardware of the computer.

There are many reasons that may inform the need to have a backup of the files that one heavily relies on or is in great need of. It is usually best to ensure that one is able to access the needed data when this happens. There are various ways in which one can do this with windows 8. The most common way that one can do this is by doing a manual backup using the backup option that comes with the operating system. This provides one with an option to restore some of their most basic functionality and files if they are damaged for any reason. This is usually using a different hard drive that will store the data in case the disk drive with the data is destroyed. This though has some disadvantages.

A way that caters to these disadvantages and provides one with the same amount of protection is the use of online backup functions of windows 8. This is a feature that comes with the new operating system for the windows 8 version but it is mostly used for those who have servers that run on this system. Windows has provided a cloud storage known as azure. The function of this is to remove the need to have the backup done in house for these servers which may get damaged in case anything is to happen to the servers. The service is a new feature that has been developed by Microsoft recently with it still being in its infancy. The service though is in line with the move of most companies to adopt cloud storage as a new way to cut costs.

For those who have personal computers that run on windows 8 they are served by many of the other companies that have taken to offering this service at a fee. This is with the likes of companies such as Backblaze that have tested their systems to ensure their stability. This is offered to private individuals and it offers them the opportunity to store their information online with these companies so as to access it when needed. One simply needs to sign up for the service which can be done remotely.

This article is contributed by Leo Preston on behalf of, where you can find reviews of over 40 online backup providers.  She is a technology blogger & Got idea of writing this article from Best backups.  In this article he tried to feature the storage facilities of online backup company.

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I am Leo Preston, An occasional blogger & love to write about various things (Mostly technology). I studied and holds a bachelors degree in psychology.I got the idea of writing this article while visiting Time Access Systems Inc. ‘s website & like to give credit to them for being an awesome resource.

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1 Comment

  1. Nancy

    May 8, 2013 at 10:02 pm

    Thanks Leo and for me Titanium Backup works great .

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