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Automated Customer Support vs. Human Greeter- Making A Choice

Live chat is a modern technological breakthrough that has redefined and revamped the way businesses connect to their customers on the internet. In these times, firms face tough competition in attempting to win over customers. Companies which have not integrated live customer chat on their websites are missing out on the opportunity to reach potential customers. Similarly, having an automated chat system instead of an actual person talking to a customer via chat will never truly benefit the business. Here is a look at how a human chat agent is a much better choice as compared to an automatic reply system.

Robotic versus Personalized Customer Experience

Consider an online firm which uses an automated system in its customer service operations. It engages with a frustrated client who demands an explanation of the reason behind the company’s delay in delivering a product he/she ordered a long time ago. The client also wants to know when the order will be delivered. In such a scenario an automated system with prerecorded messages will be unable to pacify an angry customer. A chat support agent however, will be able to understand immediately the emotions of the customer, empathize and respond in accordance. A prerecorded flat and cold response given to a client will jeopardize the reputation and image of your organization.

A human greeter concentrates on delivering personalized customer care by offering a tailored response and solution through live chat. This is where the difference in the service lies.

The Difference in the Nature of Conversations

Mechanical interactions and greetings do not have the same impact as human interaction.  Mechanical and robotic answers will always give a feeling of detachment to the clients as if the customer doesn’t really matter to the business.

Adding live chat which enables human representatives to start the interaction in a friendly manner will always have a stronger impact. Talking to another person via chat will make the clients feel that your business is genuinely paying attention to them. Live customer chat enables support agents to determine the direction in which conversations with clients are going and therefore, they can find out what exactly it is that clients require from them. These conversations are more personalized and the needs of the clients are better understood. The quality of customer support automatically goes up in such a scenario.

Exceptional Sales Performance

Human greeters can be empowered to conduct conversations which lead to enhanced customer satisfaction. Chances of generating more sales increases when customers realize that your business genuinely makes an effort to understand them and their needs. In comparison, an automated system follows a specified process of dealing with clients and in doing so, your company may lose out on meaningful customer engagement opportunities.

Thus, a human greeter is clearly better for business than an automated system since live chat operators lead to more business growth, more engagement and better customer satisfaction.

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Brian Smith is a business consultant at with a particular interest in live chat support for businesses. He particularly likes to use his passion for technology to empower online entrepreneurs to realize the true potential of their ventures.

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