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Apple vs Android: Which is best for business?

Apple vs Android is the ultimate debate but as companies become increasingly mobile, we thought best to settle the debate and decide which device is best for business.


Apple’s IPhones are the most popular out of the two devices and for good reason. They’ve dominated the market because of their easy to navigate software, quality cameras, app compatibility and their attractive phones.

Apple’s IPhone design is very simplistic and easy to use. You download the apps you want and scroll between pages of apps. This easy to navigate touch system has made it very successful. You wouldn’t need to train people to use these especially if all the apps they would possible need were downloaded beforehand.

Apple are also known for their high quality cameras. These increasingly get better when newer models are developed and if your business relies heavily on the camera function, Apple would arguably be a better phone.

IPhone have excellent app compatibility. Apps are usually developed first for the IPhone and there are a wider selection available. If your business requires specialist apps you should check which devices these are compatible with because if you need specific applications this might influence your decision heavily.

Apple have more attractive phones. They are thin and the colour selection appeals to a lot of people. This may or not influence your business choice but some companies take a lot of pride when choosing their brand image so this might be important to note. Android phones can be quite chunky – a potential disadvantage when trying to operate for long periods of time of when carrying in your pocket.

The Apple Store is extremely useful. If anything happens to your Android phone where do you go for help? There are multiple Apple stores around the country to assist you if you require assistance and this is handy to have.

The fingerprint sensor on an IPhone is better and more secure. Often when you use mobiles for business purposes your phone will contain a lot of sensitive information. A secure fingerprint sensor is crucial if that phone was to ever get lost. The advanced technology Apple use puts their feature ahead of Android.

Siri vs Google Voice. Siri is a lot better for navigation of your entire phone – Apple set the standard with Siri. Having said that Google Now have more advanced voice recognition when it comes to performing conversational internet searches.


The IPhone’s back cover isn’t removable so if your phone battery fails that is pretty much it for the phone. Most Android phones however have a removable back so you could replace the battery. Arguably this is more long lasting but Apple have an Apple Store to support you with IPhone damage and when you consider things like upgrades and insurance, this solution isn’t that much of an advantage.

One major advantage of some Android phones is that you can open multiple apps at once. You can leave open multiple apps (resulting in your battery being drained) on Apple but with Android you can actually navigate multiple apps. This is really useful for multitasking.

Additional storage is another great benefit of Android phones. You can add a micro SD card to give yourself extra space. For businesses who need to store a lot on their phone (rather than in the cloud) this would be an extremely useful feature.

Shortcuts are available on Android phones – you can use their ‘quick settings’ to access features you require quickly. Having said that, you can organise our apps into folders on an IPhone so it’s not convincing enough to be a standout advantage. It would be useful to note however you have a large amount of control over the home screen on an Android phone whereas with Apple there are certain fixtures you cannot move.

Android phones use micro USB cables giving you a lot more options for charging your phones. They also arguably have longer battery life than an IPhone.

Better for business:

Both Apple and Android devices have their benefits as you can see above. Android’s ability to navigate multiple applications at once is a serious advantage when you’re working from your phone but overall Apple has more advantages. They have a better camera display, their attractive phones are better for brand image, their fingerprint sensors are more secure and their large choice of apps will be more useful for your business.

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