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Apple iPhone: Why Features are ‘Deliberately’ Delayed

A friend once said having an Apple iPhone without ‘cut and paste’ is like owning a Ferrari without wheels; the potential is there for all to see but it cannot be exploited. This may come as a surprise to non-iPhone users but after over a year and half of clamouring by customers, Apple finally gave in by introducing the ‘cut and paste’ functionality.

Although this basic feature is already being offered by other smartphones such as Windows Mobile, Apple’s latest upgrade comes with over 100 new elements and a thousand APIs to the software development kit (SDK). Watch the presentation here.

While this is exciting news for iPhone customers, the fact that these features particularly the cut and paste functionality is only being introduced now makes one wonder why it has taken so long particularly when the technology has been available all this while. Could it be that Apple does not have enough developers? I think not. Although it has been suggested by Apple that implementing these features is actually very difficult because new mechanisms have to be put in place to ensure they are secure and easy to use, I beg to differ!

The answer I think could be easily found in the hype generated by the timely introduction of this so-called ‘new’ technology that would make it possible for users to send pictures, copy and paste texts etc. from their iPhones. By leaving out certain features – even if the technology is available today – consumers will always be anxious and there will always be room for upgrade.

It is therefore not surprising that another most talked about feature i.e. flash integration in addition to Bluetooth tethering, video recording and text forwarding are conspicuously absent in this latest upgrade. Given Apple’s track record, you can expect these features the next time it becomes apparent that consumers are beginning to jump ship to other smartphone makers such as Palm, Microsoft, Nokia and Research in Motion, in this increasingly competitive market.

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  1. Don

    September 22, 2009 at 9:45 am

    As a master marketer, Apple deliberately leaves some things, especially the obvious ones like cut-n-paste , out in order to generate millions of dollars worth of free advertising! Apple knows that leaving certain things out for awhile, people are going to start speculating and wondering way., and start major and minor publications to write about why they left them out. This generates tons of free publicity, worth millions, that keeps Apple and its products, like the iPhone, constantly in the limelight. This without Apple having to spend a solitary dime!

  2. Alice

    March 27, 2011 at 10:51 am

    The Verizon iPhone 4 has much in common with its AT&T counterpart, but varying features and different performance give it enough room to stand apart. It won’t vastly change your iPhone experience.

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