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Advanced Technological Projects Under Google’s Sleeve

google tech

Google is always on the run. It is fast in conducting experiments on various newly emerging technologies. For example, Motorola is going to get a new personality with Google’s aim to make it user-friendly for changing the RAM (Random Access Memory) as well as color. The device is supposed to be working on “octo-core” technology with human language based system. This will hopefully take the market by a storm with Motorola ranking among the top technology based companies. Some other endeavors by Google are provided below.

Babel Messaging Service:

The Search engine giant has finally decided to fuse in Google+ with Google Voice, Babel and Google Talk into a single product. This is in response to the various “standalone” apps like “WhatsApp”, “Messenger” by BlackBerry, and “Facebook Messenger” iMessage by Apple. Its “cross-platform” features will enable it to be a huge hit among the users. The various other features include new User Interface, “synced notices”, photo sharing and live “video streaming” facilities along with availability of chat history. Android 5.0 may even include Babel.

 “Smart Watch” Technology:

Learning from the mistakes made in Google Glass and Tablets and Smart phones from Nexus, now Google is aiming to develop “smart watch” based on Android technology. This gadget will be a direct competition to the smart watch by Apple.

Google’s Balloon Internet:

The latest strategy for worldwide availability of wireless “broadband” internet includes using “Helium air” balloons to serve the purpose. Google is working on its new balloon based internet access (broadband) called “Loon” in which balloons are used to transmit aerials with “internet signals” high above the flying space of the airplanes in the “stratosphere” region of the sky. It is mostly the winds that carry these balloons and they are managed when lowered or raised by the winds.

The way in which clients can access this latest balloon internet technology by Google is by installing a “special internet aerial” on their shops or homes. The signals move from one balloon to the other and are then to the internet connection, finally coming back to where it had originated.

Consoles for Android Based Games:

Gaming consoles on Android platforms are being undertaken by Google to counter the Xbox (by Microsoft) and PlayStation (by Sony). Sources report that new gaming consoles will be launched by Google in the very near future.

“Investible Sensor” Based Project for Medical Purpose:

Certain medical companies including “Adimab” which prepares “antibodies” and optimizes them are partly sponsored by Google. Therefore, Google is playing a huge part in the firm’s latest projects on “antibody discovery” for using various technologies in fusing “intake sensors” to improve the health condition. One other firm by Google, “iPerian”, uses “cellular reprogramming” for the formation of those drugs which can adversely affect diseases by making changes in them.


Google is always on the go. Its newest projects and try outs only indicate how much further it wants to take technology to. We can only hope that Google’s endeavors will not affect its reputation and value in the market.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Pramod

    September 14, 2013 at 7:03 pm

    I see Google taking over the likes of companies like IBM,Microsoft in the future ..They are innovating some very high technology based gadgets . I wonder what be the next technology update from Google after rolling out those gadgets you’ve mentioned in this list .

    Thanks for sharing the information,

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