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A Top Talent Treasure Hunt: 7 Ways Your Business Can Recruit Star Employees

Has your business reached a plateau for both team and customer growth? If so, rising above your rut could be as simple as expanding your team. By adding a few fresh faces to the roster, you can capitalize on formerly missed opportunities, improve your customer reviews, minimize team mistakes, and achieve a bucket-list-worthy work-life balance.

But how can you recruit star employees? From relocating to maintaining an active social media presence, your opportunities for onboarding top talent will triple. Once you’ve tied up loose ends on your recruitment initiatives, you can wave goodbye to days of turning away business.

Consider relocating your business

Sometimes, you’ve exhausted all of your options for local talent. If you can’t find star employees locally, you may need to relocate your business. Relocation might also be necessary if you have trouble connecting with or keeping customers.

To relocate, start by researching opportunity-dense cities. From there, you’ll need to hire a commercial real estate agent who can help you sign a lease in record time. Once you’ve marketed to the new community, you’ll need to arrange fleet relocation services.

Partnering with a reputable auto shipping company like this should be at the forefront of your focus. Your car shipping company of choice should be transparent about its process and be willing to update you around the clock. Insurance and an extensive network of providers should also give you peace of mind when shipping your business fleet.

Use employee referrals

Another great way to recruit star employees is to set up a referral program for current employees. Odds are, your people know people who could fit in with your team.

The referral system may include a bonus for the current employee once the new hire works for 30 or 90 days.

Review past applications

Be sure to keep resumes on file when you hire for a position. If you need to hire for a similar role in the future, review those resumes on file.

Sometimes, you’ll need to pass on a good candidate. When another post is available, you’ll know who to contact and recruit.

Write good job descriptions

When it comes time to write a job description for a promotion or entry-level job, make it good. Cover your expectations of the employee and answer as many questions as they may have.

You may need to leave room for other tasks. However, a good job description can help filter the applicants for you.

Pay for a sponsored job

After you write and post a job listing online, consider paying to put the ad at the top of search results. You’ll be able to expand your digital reach and ensure as many candidates as possible view the listing. With a broader audience at your disposal, your inbox will be flooded with applications from quality candidates eager to join the team.

Get on social media

If you don’t want to pay for ad space, share your job on the company’s social profiles and your personal accounts.

You may be able to recruit star employees from that post alone. In other cases, customers or friends will know someone who’d be perfect for the job.

Give a good first impression

When you’re ready to interview someone, give them a good impression at the office. Provide high-quality service, much like you’d give to your customers.

Be on time, offer them some water, and show them the bathrooms and other vital spots.

Wrap up

Knowing how to recruit star employees is crucial for any business’s success. Whether that means relocating or reviewing past applications, you can build a dream team.

Keep these tips in mind next time you struggle to find the perfect candidate.

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