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How Secure is a VPN?

Your browsing depends on the internet protocol (IP) address provided by your internet service provider (ISP). Whether you are browsing with secured internet access or not, snoopers can always intrude on your privacy. The only way to stay protected online is with a VPN

What is a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network), is a private network that protects your online presence from the third party when using a public network. It encrypts your internet access and enables you to browse safely without been monitored or hacked (read more).

What Happens when you use a VPN?

Your online connection is provided by your ISP (internet service provider), which keeps track of you using your IP address. Your ISP records your online activities and web traffic and this information can be traced back to you. But when you browse with a VPN-enabled network, your IP address is masked and rerouted through an encrypted server. This means that each time you establish an internet connection with a VPN; your web traffic is unknown to your ISP.

If your next question is “how secure is a VPN?” this article is ready to answer that.

What makes a VPN secure?


Authentication is a security measure in the log-in process. It requires users to provide their identity before a connection is made to the VPN server. This measure ensures that the third party is not accessing your VPN. Authentication may be in form of a password or a digit pin.


The protocol is the first level of security. It determines the kind of connection established with the VPN server. The protocol can be IKEv2 or OpenVPN depending on your preference. The protocol determines the kind of encryption to use and how to establish it.

Encrypted data

Encryption another level of security. Data packets are encrypted (scrambled) in such a way that it is read-only by the VPN server and the client. Data can be encrypted in different ways.  It can be by encapsulating the packet with a key shared only between the authorized parties or by hiding certain packet data.

Secures and encrypts your IP Address

The main function of a VPN service is to secure your IP address and hide it from snoopers. When you browse with a VPN your traffic goes through an encrypted tunnel and your real IP address is hidden. VPN gives you a new IP address that cannot be traced back to you.

Encrypt your Traffic

VPN does not only mask your IP address, it also routes your connection through an encrypted channel. This encryption prevents your Internet service provider from tracking your online activity.

No Activity log policy

Unlike your ISP, VPN does not keep a record of any information transmitted over the network. It does not keep track of what you do online like your internet and search history. This policy keeps you anonymous online and protects your privacy, ensuring that whatever you do online cannot be traced back to you.

Kill Switch

In a situation where your connection to the VPN server gets interrupted, the VPN kill switch reduces your chances of being compromised. When this happens, you automatically go offline till the connection is restored.


There are other advantages of using a VPN apart from encrypting your IP address and online traffic. VPN also masks your online location and give you access to web content not available in your region. I believe this article has answered your “How secure is a VPN?” question.

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