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4 Pieces of Technology Every Modern Realtor Uses Every Day

Every modern realtor uses these top four pieces of technology daily. The latest devices are used for presentation, communication, information gathering, and reporting. A live camera and drone, a tablet computer with a stylus pen (e.g., an iPad or Android device), a smartphone with a data plan, and a CRM and Big Data tool are among the most recent gadgets. If the agent has to utilize more complex programs that aren’t available on tablets or smartphones, a laptop is also advised.

Here are the four pieces of technology every modern realtor needs when out in the field. When you’re doing your job day-in and day-out, these devices must help make things easier for you. Check them out below.


Most modern realtor has made the move to using drones in their daily business. They help with everything from aerial photography, inspecting roofs, and even pricing properties. They use drones for aerial photography, marketing their listings and properties on social media, and taking videos of homes for sale or lease. The best part about it is that these days they are not expensive at all. You can get an amazing one for $500-600 dollars.

Tablet Computer

The number of realtors who use a tablet computer every day is increasing. The benefits are many, including portability and the ability to view property details with ease. Here are some reasons why the best realtor in your area might have a tablet. Real estate agents can easily take it from meeting to meeting, so they don’t need to worry about forgetting important documents or taking up too much space in their bag when going door-to-door. They also find that tablets give them more freedom on the go — no need for bulky laptops. This means they can work faster and easier than ever before. -The touchscreen display allows for quick browsing through properties without having to type in any information (name, address, etc.)


The first thing a modern realtor does when they walk into a house is pull out their smartphone and take pictures of the property. They may also use their phone to get information about the home’s area, its value, or any recent updates on that street. Smartphones are an essential tool for this job- which means it should be no surprise that every realtor uses one.

Here are some other ways your smartphone can help you as a realtor: -Your phone can show you how to get anywhere in town with turn by turn directions so you don’t get lost in traffic. -You have access to all of the listings in your area at any time from your phone. There are many gadgets and tools for the modern realtor to be the best in Chapin, South Carolina. Use these tools to your advantage, and let us know if we missed any important pieces that you’ve found useful. Whether it is a smartphone app or an online resource, there is something out there for every agent looking to make their life easier while also being more productive.

CRM Tool

A modern realtor needs to be well-connected with their clients. Modern technology has made this easier than ever before, and it’s not a surprise that most realtors now use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools every day. CRM tools allow you to keep track of your interactions with your customers from the moment they first contact you until the time when they need help closing on their new home purchase. These tools can also be used for managing leads and keeping in touch with past clients who may want to buy or sell again soon. If you’re interested in becoming a more effective realtor, then there are plenty of great CRM options available online that will fit any budget. There are plenty of gadgets that can help a realtor be the best version of themselves.

We’ve listed some of our favorites, but if you have any others we should know about please let us know. So, if you are a realtor in Columbia, SC, and want to be the best one out there. You might want to invest in some of these great gadgets. The ones mentioned above will help save time on your jobs by taking care of all those tasks that take up so much time like measuring rooms or checking permits.

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