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A Short Guide on Finding Guest Blogging Opportunities

A short guide on how writers can find guest blogging opportunities in the market

Guest blogging is the perfect way to get recognized or improve your business visibility online. Most new business startups and small businesses rely on guest blogging to pitch their products and services to prospective buyers while they make a name for themselves.

However, many entrepreneurs struggle to find guest blogging avenues and ask where they can get published. In this blog, we look at several places where you can find guest blogging opportunities online.

Google Searches

Google is the world’s biggest search engine. If there are people online looking for information, there is a big chance that they have used Google to find the information that they need.

You should aim to put your blog on sites that rank high on Google. This ensures that your blogs if they get published, will be seen and read by people. So if you are looking for places to publish your blogs, start with a search for guest blog sites on Google. You should get plenty of good guest blogging sites in your region and language.

Once you have identified 10 to 12 guest blogging sites to write for, start sending submissions.

Focus on News and Media Websites

Many popular news and media outlets provide opportunities to their readers to submit blogs and articles. BBC, Washington Post, The New York Times and The Guardian all have their guest blog contributor sections that you can use to submit blogs.

Digital publications like Buzzfeed, The Balance, Medium and Breitbart etc. also accept blogs from guest blog writers and contributors.

However, do note that these digital publications get dozens of submissions every day and their selection criteria can be very difficult to meet. You will also need to follow their strict guidelines and topic selection is limited. You certainly cannot promote your business in the blog.

The good thing about getting published on these platforms is that they can instantly put you on the map. These publications have millions of readers around the globe and your blogs will get noticed.

But as stated, getting published on popular news platforms is the major hurdle to overcome. If you are just starting out your guest blogging career, you will have a better time targeting platforms that have less stringent requirements and a lower DA.

Research Your Target Blogging Site

Once you have identified the target blogging sites, the next step is to research the type of guest blogs and articles they publish on their platform. This research will help you get an idea of the tone and style of writing that is acceptable on the platform. It will also help you understand if the blogging site is a good fit for your business needs.

For example, if you are into political writing and lean on the right, the Daily Wire or Reason can be good targets for guest writing. If you are left-wing, consider blogging for Huffington Post or the Daily Beast.

You won’t make much progress getting published on a site that leans opposite of your views and philosophy, so focus on blogging sites that lean closer to what you are comfortable with.

Research Other Guest Bloggers

As you research your target blogging site, you will start to find some authors coming up frequently as “prolific guest bloggers” in your niche. You can look them up on social media or Google.

Most guest bloggers include links to their social media profiles in their authors’ bio so that people can find them online. If you look at their social media, you will see them promoting their guest blogging content on multiple websites and platforms.

This is a great way to find more websites that accept guest contributions from writers.

Research Your Competitors

You can learn a lot about blog publishing opportunities from your business competitors. If one of your top competitors is using guest blogging sites to create backlinks to their website you can use online tools like Ahrefs or SEMRush to find out when these links are created.

If a guest blogging platform accepted a guest post from one of your competitors, then there’s a good chance they will accept one from you as well.

It saves you a lot of time searching for opportunities when you look at competitors this way since you already know that the platform is relevant to your industry and reliable. If it was not, why would your competitor try to get published there?

Find Guest Blogging Sites That Are Asking for Contributors

Many guest blogging sites actively search for writers to help raise their profile. These platforms are either new or looking to expand their audience by getting active contributors regularly.

If you can put together a decent blog with few grammar mistakes or editorial requirements, it can be easy to get published on these platforms.

Just make sure to write on topics that are genuinely interesting to their target audience and follow the blog rules laid out by the website when you submit.


Writing guest blogs can feel tough, especially when you are just starting out. If you don’t get published on the first attempts, do not lose heart. Even well-established writers get their blogs rejected every now and then. Write another blog on a different subject and submit.

Always make sure to get a second opinion about your blog from a friend, colleague or classmate before you submit. This will help you identify mistakes and tone it up to give you a better chance of getting published. You can also ask for feedback from the editor if your blogs are getting rejected too often.

In most cases, they will offer constructive criticism that can help you improve your writing style and prepare you to write for big-league blogging sites.

So keep writing and always look for ways to improve.

Written By

Steven Dean is a Sr. Editor at Content Development Pros, who works with a team of experienced writers to create SEO optimized custom content for large and small companies alike.

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