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7 Proven Ways to Give Your Math Scores a Significant Boost in the Right Direction

Mathematics is one of the most common subjects that create a whole lot of problems for students. Exam’s knocking on the door, pressure’s building up, math scores going down…PROBLEM!

Okay, now is there a solution? Well if you don’t think of turning a problem into a part of the solution, you will seldom get one. The same concept is true in life as well as in mathematics. No, if you ask me that question again, my answer will be of course there’s a solution and you, yourself are that solution.

Anyway, let’s see a few proven tried and tested methods through which you might be able to improve your math scores significantly. Like I said, you yourself are your solution. Hence, you are expected to stick to these ways as much as possible, almost religiously every day; otherwise, the solution would fail to appear.

1. Practice sums on a piece of paper

Mathematics isn’t a subject that should be read regularly to get the best possible results. It needs to be solved; preferable though the old-fashioned way i.e. solving each and every sum with a pen on a piece of paper.

Can you do it regularly? Can you do it religiously by keeping a few hours reserved in your daily agenda for math alone? If you can, you have the solution right in front of you.

2. DO NOT just ignore sums that seem to be incomprehensible to you

Don’t develop this type of mentality that if you fail to comprehend a piece of math problem for any reason whatsoever, it’ll not come in your exams. If you do so, you’ll be giving yourself a false sense of security; something that can definitely hurt you in the long run.

Therefore it’s always advisable to velar the doubt up as soon as possible. Note down the sum on a piece of paper and consult with your math teacher/tutor at the earliest possible time. Things like that can definitely give your math scores a positive push in the right direction.

3. Try to practice math at your own pace

Your math assignment’s not an examination. There’s no pressure of time involved and we reckon you should keep it that way. You can practice timed tests to quicken up your pace when exam’s knocking on your door but it’s a bad idea to practice with the same tactic at the start of your session.

Practice math at your own pace. Touch over every formula, every derivation as closely as possible and do your assignments minutely with enough time in hand. Do it the right way and you will definitely see the steady advent of positive results in the foreseeable future.

4. Implement technology

Several math-oriented apps and games are available on the internet that you can use to great effects provided you have a working device to get on the internet.

This list of 50 Math apps can come in handy for you.

5. Teaching is a wonderful method of learning

I am definitely not asking you to teach like a professional. You would not be able to do that. But you can actually “help” your peers out; right?

In case you witness any of your peers stuck on a particular problem, offer him/her your help. Explain the solution as thoroughly as possible to him/her and you’ll notice that you, yourself have indirectly benefited a lot from that short teaching session as well. Like I said, teaching is also a wonderful way of learning.

6. Make a habit of copying down geometrical figure problems on your sheets

Most geometrical problems come with a figure. It’s a good practice to actually copy the same figure on your sheet and then proceed with your solutions.

The practice of copying down geometrical figures on your answer sheet is a good way of reducing a lot of silly mistakes. So make a habit of it. It’s going to benefit you for sure in the long run.

7. Last but not the least, your rough mark should be on the same page

If you want to bring down the number of silly mistakes further, it’s a good habit of doing your rough work on the same page itself. This practice of keeping everything right under your noses is a good habit indeed and will definitely show positive results in the foreseeable future.

So that’s it then. Hope you find this list handy enough for your purpose. But lastly, do remember that your desire to succeed is the most weapon you have in your arsenal to get the best possible results. With that, I’ll bring this article to an end for now. Good luck!

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Steve Millard has 7+ years of experience in teaching and also explores a variety of niche to make it more meaningful to the students. His mission in life is to help young people become skilled and avid readers, writers as well as inquirers. He is heavily associated with MyPrivateTutor Australia and aids a lot to connect the right students with the right tutors according to their requirements.rnFollow him on twitter @SteveMillard4

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