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7 Free Animated Video Maker Software

Are you considering using an animated video to promote your business? Many businesses have come to recognize their value, especially when it comes to online marketing Video marketing is the next big thing in marketing. Each year Video marketers receive 66% more qualified leads, and this trend is only gonna go up.

Your obstacle will be coming up with original and creative video ideas. And oh this is going to be hard. however those days are long gone when marketers believe, expensive software is necessary to create animated videos. Not only are they more fun and effective than normal videos, but many of them can also be produced for absolutely nothing!

Take a look at some of the best free animation programs for beginners, experts, and everyone in between.


Animaker is a Do it Yourself professional-quality video maker! used by 15 Million+ users across the globe. Animaker is disrupting the way of creating animated videos. with its flexibility and the amazing range of resources available. with Animaker make excellent 4K videos fast and easy, allowing businesses to respond to market changes and get a competitive edge.

Pricing: Animaker is free! for everyone, whether your student or a working professional it has everything you need.


Want to design or make compelling films and presentations that appear professional? Powtoon’s simple UI makes it easy to make your own, live and animated videos in studio quality, saving you the expensive cost of hiring a video production crew., and the library of assets Powtoon offers is simply outstanding! With Powtoon, you can easily create videos that tell a story and engage viewers in an experience. And as a result,  a video works much better than a website page.

Pricing: though Powtoon is free to use, there are certain restrictions in the free plan, you can only create videos for a maximum of 3-minutes. you have to upgrade to a pro plan to produce longer videos and unlock many outstanding features as well!


Are you an owner or a CEO without any coding skills? Renderforest is a cloud-based all-in-one branding tool that is a good option for you.

Anyone can quickly and easily make their product look professional and have the broadcast quality from the ground up. create responsive and modern animations, personalized websites, and much more! With Renderforest. just browse their library of templates, pick your favorite,  change it within the browser, and you’ll have everything ready to publish in just a few clicks.

pricing: Although all of the templates and tools in Renderforest are free, if you want them to be watermark-free and in HD, you’ll need to sign up for one of the plans or pay for a one-time export.


Making quality videos is simple and effective with Vyond. with its user-friendly platform, You’re only adding stuff and fine-tuning it to your needs. Vyond is an animated video producer with a focus on corporate applications. They provide videos and content in three key categories: current, business, and whiteboard. Using the platform, you may produce quick and simple videos, and commercials in a variety of genres, give them unique touches to make them stand out, and use them to effectively spread a message.

Pricing: Vyond, however, is not a free program. There is a free trial period of two weeks, after which you may select from several plans. The least expensive begins at $49 per month


Anyone can easily produce high-quality video content by using Biteable. You can make engaging videos to share with your audience, by combining pieces of footage using their library of animations and templates. Biteable is a video service that gets it done quickly and would have an element of quirkiness and fun but still look professional. Biteable has helped many users improve their relationships, and grow their businesses.

Pricing: Biteable offers a free 7-day trial to its users, and after lets you choose from its pro plan starts at $49 per month


Doratoon can make users enjoy making animated videos easily without the need for a long time, doratoon offers so many templates as well! Didn’t like the templates? Just customize how it looks and make it uniquely yours! Doratoon is a popular video maker because of its exciting and advanced features such as AI dubbing, smart subtitling, and much more. They allow users to create professional-looking animated videos, easier than ever.

Pricing: however, If you want to use Doratoon, it offers a free version, which only allows you to access the free animations. But, other pro plans with all the amazing features are also available. which costs $39 per month.

Mango Animate

Mango Animate Animation Maker is an advanced animation software that goes above and beyond for its customers. It allows users to create innovative animations and share them with a larger audience. It’s easy to get started. Simply select a template and personalize it and voila! It’s done, It’s worth mentioning that the software has About 40 real-life characters from various backgrounds doctors, professors, students, and businesspeople, into the software help users from various backgrounds in understanding the subject matter more engagingly and easily.

Did you find your Best Video Animation Maker?

The following article provides a list 7 best of animation software out there, All of these PC-based animation programs can be used to produce amazing animated videos & much more! They are ideal for your advertising, social media posts, and website. Take advantage of this trend and start producing your spectacular animation videos now! After reading this, pick the best animation program.

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