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Day Trading Strategies for Beginners

Day trading is rapidly buying and selling stocks during the day. It’s a gamble of sorts, where traders hope they can make a profit by manipulating small price moves. A day trader has to be vigilant at all times, for they only have a few minutes or seconds to make their move.

Failing to buy or sell on time could mean going from profitable to broke. It’s a full-time job because it involves securities whose metrics are constantly in flux.

Having said that, novice day traders can reach profit-making status with a Basic Telegram Weekly Membership at Stock Region University and the following strategies.

Do Your Research

Most day traders never go far because they don’t keep themselves in the loop about taxes, interest rates, and indicator announcements. Knowledge is power in the cutthroat world of day trading because it gives you time to prepare yourself.

Sign up for a VIP Discord Monthly Membership to stay aware of your chosen companies and markets, and don’t forget to bookmark at least two trading news sites to receive timely updates. Do all of the above after listing down the stocks you’re interested in trading.

Keep Your Funds Close to Your Chest

Beginners shouldn’t be trading tens of hundreds of stocks a day. Even trading five stocks when you’re just starting is risky. Pledge around one or two percent of your funds to stock trading and stick to that rate throughout the session.

Moreover, when you’ve limited your focus to a few stocks, you’ll have an easier time tracking them. Start small and increase your stock trading ratio as you build up the momentum.

Trade Mid-Session

Seasoned investors know that the market is usually volatile at a session’s starting and closing hours. Therefore, they avoid trading during these hours. The best time to trade starts roughly half an hour after trading begins and ends about an hour before it ends.

Rush hours can be a bit hard to resist, what with so many investment opportunities, but find it in yourself to resist the urge, and you’ll be left with more funds at the end of the session.

Pick Your Orders

Decide what kind of orders you want to use to enter and exit a trade before starting. Choose market orders if you wish to pick the best available rate before time runs out, and limit orders if you care about the price. The latter doesn’t guarantee your preferred position, but it does come close.

Get a Premium Telegram Yearly Membership for real-time trade callouts and make the whole deal easier on yourself. Think of it this way: day trading is difficult, but there’s nothing you can’t do once you’ve mastered this art.

Prepare to Lose

Losses are inevitable in day trading, so make sure you’re prepared for them. You have all the time to make up for them with your winners, so don’t get yourself down when you strike out. You’ll be doing that half the time you’re trading, so there’s no point in exacerbating your losses.

Watch the markets like a hawk via a VIP Telegram Lifetime Membership to make up for the loss. Better yet, minimize that loss by limiting your financial risk with clear entry and exit orders.

Follow Through on Your Plan

The stock market is not for someone who can’t keep their cool. Throughout a day trading session, you have to be calm and calculated without letting apprehensions, panic, or second thoughts in. Don’t think about anything but your stocks during the session.

Furthermore, stick to the script you came up with before the session. That’s right! Most investors don’t have to think on their feet because they develop their trading strategy before starting. By following it to a T without letting losses or profits distract them, they can plan their trade and vice versa with relative ease.

Let Stock Region University Show You the Ropes

Learn the intricate art of day trading with Stock Region University. This platform keeps you informed about national and international markets and securities and turns beginners into veterans with educational courses. Sign up for their Discord or Telegram membership to connect with other traders and receive stock market alerts.

Reach out to our customer service reps for queries and concerns.

Written By

Simon Dean is a former day trader affiliated with Stock Region University. After being in the fast-paced world of trade for over ten years, Simon hung up his coat and traded his dress shirts for hoodies to research day trading trends for Stock Region University members. When he’s not watching the volatile markets, you can find him catching up on last year’s Super Bowl.

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