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7 Easy Early Morning Workouts at Home for Kick-Start Day

What would you choose for your healthy body, diet, or workouts? If you think following a diet plan helps to maintain your body physique, you backed the wrong horse!! Diet alone can’t give you better results. Pair up a diet plan with perfect physical fitness workouts. It is difficult for anyone to find the motivation or spend time to warm up your body. But it is necessary for everyone to start your time on tuning up your body & mind through fitness exercises. Give a fresh start to your day with these below-mentioned workouts that you can easily do at home without any necessity of special equipment.

Walk or Run

There is no better exercise that you can give to your body than walking. Because it provides all-compassing health benefits from heart & lung health to your brain & memory. No need of going out to do so, you can just walk in your balcony for 15min or climbing the stairs up & down in repetitive terms of at least 4 to 5 times is more than enough. If you want to increase the intensity of your walking, you can speed up your steps for jogging or running. Feel comfy with the comfortable fit of running shoes. Get them according to your desire using Adidas Promo Code. Do this every morning & evening for your better and healthiest life ahead.


Squats are the best workout to reduce the fat of your lower body. The muscles that are mainly targeted by this are – glutes, hamstrings & calves. You will engage your core, as it balances your body during the movement of every squat. It activates many muscle groups at a time that will help to increase anabolic hormone production. These hormones will help you to lose fat & body muscle.

It is the best drill for your body which does not require any special equipment. Just find perfect space & follow the below steps,

  • Stand up straight & apart your feet shoulder with some distance.
  • Bend down at your knees & hips, by extending your buttocks backwards just like you are sitting on a chair.
  • You need to squat down in a way that your thigs are parallel to the floor. Your weight should be piled up over your heels by making sure to keep your knees behind your toes.
  • Hold for few seconds then with some pressure into your heels, return to the standing position(upright) by keeping your legs straight.
  • That’s it repeat the same for 30 secs.

After being perfect with the basic squats, go for advanced squat variations like jump squats, overhead squats & takeaways.


The pushup is an effective morning exercise that is beneficial for the upper body & core strength. It is a compound exercise that is mainly for the muscles of the chest, shoulders, triceps, abs, back, and legs too. On average it is good to do around 100 pushups per day to stay fit & strong. Every muscle of your body is called into the movement through this exercise which can be claimed as one of the top benefits of pushups. It also increases the flexibility of your body, improves your posture, protects your shoulders & lower back from injuries.

Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle Crunch is an excellent workout for beginners at home that can be done anywhere without any equipment. It is all about giving extra strength to your deep abs as it targets abdominals. This will ensure that all your muscles are into the action of functioning in different ways. By adding this workout to your daily routine, you will be too stronger that it protects your spine, be good at athletics, sports & physical activities. For your healthy body, it would be better to do three sets of 10 to 12 reps per day.

How to do:

  • Lie flat on the floor by keeping your hands behind your head.
  • Just like you do cycling, give movement to your legs in such a way that you bring your right knee closer to the chest & touch the left elbow.
  • Raise your shoulder blades, thus your abs get stretched instead of your arms.

High to Low Planks

If you want to go for an alternative to crunches, then Planks will be the best choice. It certainly helps to improve your posture, core strength, and stability. Make this your go-to workout by increasing your time duration than you do before to level up the productivity of your exercise. The way of doing this exercise is quite simple. Just be in the high plank position on your toes & hands by keeping your body straight. Now start bending down with your arms, elbow & lower down on the ground hence you lean on your forearm. Now you are in low plank position, push your body with your arms to finish the high plank position again. Try to do this high to low planks by interchanging your right & left arms for 45 secs. To overcome the fatigue, have a protein shake by choosing your requirement & desired flavors accordingly with the help of the Soukare Promo Code.

Be mindful of this important point that, you need to exhale while you push your body up and inhale while getting down to the low plank position.

Jumping Jacks

Gain health benefits with this total-body drill. This is one of the best plyometrics exercises that tones your entire body, boost metabolism, stretch your muscles, burns calories & improves cardiovascular health. There are numerous ways of doing jumping jacks. You can opt according to your body requirement & do it on regular basis by increasing the intensity day by day.


This is a body workout which you can do with fun & enthusiasm. It is just similar to shaking your legs on the dance floor. If you feel difficulty in doing the above mentioned workouts, this will be the right choice for you to sweat it out by dancing to your favorite music. There are no limitations or any type of guidance for this to follow. It involves movements of your complete body from head to toe. Through this, enjoy the combined perks of increasing your pain threshold & quality of your life.

Consequently, these are the seven best workouts that you can commit to in the morning before getting into the responsibilities of your day. Shape it up while sweating it out!!

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