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7 Don’ts Of Ecommerce Product Page SEO

Some common mistakes can get in the way of effective eCommerce product page SEO, so here are seven things you should avoid doing.

In eCommerce, as per SEO Company in Ahmedabad, product page SEO is crucial. You can’t just put up a page with a bunch of links to products and hope that your customers will find them. You need to optimize each page for search engines, including keyword research and content creation.

But some common mistakes can get in the way of effective eCommerce product page SEO, so here are seven things you should avoid doing:

Don’t Use Automated Optimization

Using a tool that automatically optimizes your pages will help you get more traffic, but it could also cause you to lose rankings. If you use the wrong tool or don’t know what you’re doing, automated optimization can be dangerous.

Another thing that should be avoided is using too many keywords on a single page. For example, if someone searches for “product” and sees five pages of products with different prices being shown on each one (and no descriptions), they might think there are no products available at all!

This can lead them away from your store and onto competitors’ sites, where they’ll see better offers made by other companies who have optimized their product pages better than yours did.

Don’t Use Weak Calls To Action

To get the best results for your product page SEO, SEO Company in Ahmedabad suggests you make sure that you are using strong calls to action.

A strong call to action can be any phrase that encourages the user to buy or try out your product. It should be relevant and location-specific (if possible).

Here are some examples of good CTA’s:

  • Buy Now – This is used when customers have decided they want the item but don’t yet know if they’ll be able to afford it. When people see this CTA, they know exactly what they need before making their decision on whether or not it will cost them anything more than $100 per month, which means less time spent researching various options online!
  • Try Now – This could also be used in conjunction with other CTAs like “Buy Now” above since trying something new often leads us down paths we never considered before – so why not start here?

Don’t Neglect Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization is a must-do for your eCommerce store, but it can be tricky to get right. If you don’t optimize your product page for mobile devices, consumers will likely leave without purchasing anything—and they won’t come back.

Research suggests that 66% of shoppers abandon their shopping carts if they cannot view the products in full on their phone or tablet screen. To ensure that users have an excellent experience browsing through your product catalogs and making purchases from them, you need to make sure that all aspects of your website are optimized for mobile devices (and tablets).

This includes the text, layout, and images of your product pages. If you don’t optimize these elements for mobile devices, users will have a frustrating experience browsing through your catalogs and making purchases from them—and they’ll probably leave without buying anything (or worse yet, they’ll never come back).

To leave the burden of doing it all by yourself, why not consider getting professional SEO Services in Ahmedabad for your eCommerce site?

Don’t Optimize for Keywords With No Volume

Don’t optimize for keywords that have no search volume. Searching for a keyword with 0 searches per month is like searching for a needle in a haystack. There’s no point trying to compete with your competitors and maybe even lose out on sales because you didn’t get the right keywords selected.

Don’t Optimize for keywords that have Low Conversion rates (CTR)

These types of keywords aren’t worth optimizing because they’re unlikely to convert into sales or leads, which means it’s better to focus on driving more traffic instead of getting conversions from the page itself.

Don’t Pull Out-of-Stock Pages

When you have a product out of stock, it’s important not to let your page rank. The reason is that if someone sees a page with the word “out of stock” in the title or description, they won’t click on it—they’ll assume that the product isn’t available and go somewhere else.

Instead, make sure you have a message about when your products will be available again so customers can find out more information about them and make an informed decision about whether or not they want to buy something from you at that time.

Also, consider adding links back to your store, so interested customers don’t miss out on any sales opportunities!

Don’t Use Product Descriptions From The Manufacturer’s Website

The manufacturer’s descriptions are often too long and don’t include the key features of the product. They also may not be optimized for search engines, which means that they won’t show up in Google or other major search engines when you search for them.

The professionals who provide SEO Services in Ahmedabad are also aware of it and highly recommend stopping this practice right away.

In addition to these issues with their description pages, many manufacturers have one large paragraph describing how they make their products (and this information can take up a lot of space on your eCommerce site).

If you want users to discover what your product does without having read through all of it first—especially if they’re coming from another website where they’ve already read through some paragraphs before getting here—then using an existing description isn’t going help them learn anything new.

Don’t Charge The Wrong Price

When it comes to your product page, SEO Company in Ahmedabad suggests that you must charge the right price. This can be one of the most important factors in customer satisfaction and retention. It’s also one of the most important factors in increasing sales.

Price is one of those things that can make or break your business—and it will affect how much money you make over time. The trick here is knowing what people are willing to pay for your product or service before setting up your eCommerce store and pricing plan (or charging them). You need a strategy in place so that when someone searches “product X at price Y” on Google, they get directed back here instead!


If you want to optimize your eCommerce product page for search, you must follow these seven don’ts. These tips will help you build a more engaging and valuable experience for your consumers. So, next time someone asks if SEO is important for your store—and they will!—answer confidently with “yes.”

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