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Decode the Best Ways to Design Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer satisfaction holds greater importance in the service industry. The basic purpose of every survey is to identify whether the customer needs are met or not and what are the key areas where product lack.

Interestingly, people love to give feedbacks. Be it a restaurant, a product, a service, a movie or anything- people share their feedback openly and without any fear.

satisfaction survey

While designing the selling strategies, business owners should also make some strategies for customer satisfaction surveys where they can understand the satisfied and unsatisfied behavior of the client. It is a two way process which will help both customer and business to increase the sales and maintain the reputation in the market.

Why customer satisfaction surveys are important?

Such surveys have made their place in the market long back. Every business relies on survey to take forward their business to a next step. It defines the profitability, reputation, and market value of the product.

It is the sole element that determines the longevity or sustainability of the product in the market.

Before a marketer plans to conduct a survey, he/she must identify various measures that define the purpose of survey.

Every customer satisfaction survey must identify:

  • Who should be interviewed?
  • What to identify?
  • What should be the mode of the interview?
  • What should be the ways to measure customer satisfaction?
  • How to implement feedbacks effectively?

Rationale for customer survey:

Before you plan to conduct an interview, identify why you want to conduct it and what is the purpose.

Some businesses do it for various purposes such as:

  • To measure the performance of product/service: Some of the organizations conduct it to know the well-being of the customer and was he/she felt satisfied after the last use. What are the reasons why the client hasn’t turned up in last 3 months or so?
  • For new product development: A business can’t move forward for the creation of next product until clients are happy with the existing one. In order to step up on the ladder, a company creates an online survey to understand the current rate of satisfaction.
  • Customer loyalty: Tell your customer that you’re listening to them and you’ll go long way. Attaining customer loyalty is most difficult task that’s why while undertaking a survey, companies create customer-focused questionnaire.
  • Product feedback: Get the feedback and enhance the performance likewise. Send questionnaires to customers who have recently bought the product and wishes to give you honest feedback about the product like how it tastes, or looks or anything which is directly related to the product.

Do’s and Don’ts for a best customer satisfaction survey:

  • Decide a proper interval to survey:

Imagine yourself in a condition where you are a customer and the other party is business. If you are asked too often about a product feedback, what would be your call? The human tendency says that you might reply maximum 3 times but after that you will start ignoring such mails or calls.

It is advised to all the marketers to decide a proper time or interval to conduct survey. Frequent surveys are frustrating and no more taken serious.

  • Should be easy to fill:

Make a survey which is easy to understand and a client can easily answer. Repetitive information like name, address, and contact number are not encouraged by the customer. If you want your customer to do it for you, then make it flexible.

  • Too many questions can be annoying:

Have you ever tried filling a customer satisfaction survey by yourself? If not, do it today. More number of questions frustrates the client and most of the time they left survey in between. A good survey must contain 10-15 questions which can be easily answered by the client.

  • Prefer objective over subjective questions:

No one likes to fill a questionnaire which demands subjective answers unless it is your exam or a certification where you’ll get a reward in terms of money or certificate. So, if you want to make an effective questionnaire, go with objective questions only.

  • Ask what customer is expecting:

Plan your questionnaire in a way where you know what customer is expecting from you. Ask what’s going on in a customer’s mind. If you could read client’s mind, then you’ve already won the half battle.

  • Create an online survey:

Create an online user-friendly survey which is easy to fill and accessible by the user. Nowadays people are more internet-friendly and they prefer more and more things online. Be it shopping, learning, food or anything- everything should be in the easy reach.

  • Carefully chosen words:

Words should be properly chosen and used in the survey. Any misleading word can ruin the complete survey and your motive of getting feedback. Choose the words that will motivate the client to fill the survey with enthusiasm.

  • Implement the feedback:

When you ask customers about their feedback for a particular product, you must ensure that you properly implement the feedback of the customers. Understand the key areas of change and execute the plan in a well-defined way.

Once you done with the survey layout, now work on the feedback part which is an important aspect of the survey.

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