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How to Get Your Blog Or Website Noticed

blog noticeIf you are new to blogging, the first thing you are likely to be most concerned about is how to get your blog noticed. Although there are several tricks out there that you might find attractive in terms of attracting visitors to your site, your choice would normally depend on your blog niche. One general choice, however, is investing in some excellent cheap internet marketing or blogspot ebooks.

For instance, if you have your own domain, then using techniques which are much more intimate and friendly is ideal. However, if your blog is running as part of the significant company or a sub-domain, you will likely have funds to invest in building Web site traffic. If you fall into the latter category, you will need expert guidance in order not to waste your money. Overall, the following ways should assist any new blogger in getting his or her blog noticed.

Start Writing

The first and most important step to take whether or not you happen to be blogging for private enjoyment or as component of an enterprise is to start producing your own content. Only after this should you consider distributing articles to major write-up directories that have genuine visitors such as EzineArticles. Even if every document you submit to these directories only produce a handful of visitors, the number of visitors to your blog from this sites is bound to rise with time.

Spend Per Click

If you are desperate to get hits rapidly, then perhaps look into paid marketing such as Google’s Adsense. This really is wonderful for getting others to rapidly take notice and announce your arrival into the blogosphere. However, individual blog owners could find this option quite pricey.

Guest-Post On Other Web sites

Re-write, evaluate and enhance your best posts and identify expert blogs that accept guest writers. Once identified, you can ask politely if they will accept and publish your articles.   If they agree to publish, then their audience will read some of your best articles which could become the ideal posts that will pull some huge traffic to your blog.

Write An E-book

Normally, selling an e-book could be a way of earning additional income however, this does not always have to be the case. If you create an e-book with a number of references to your Web site, some of the readers of the e-book could potentially become visitors to your Web site or blog.

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S. Goodluck is a technology lover who also works as a freelance article writer. My hobbies are swimming, writing, and making new friends.



  1. Web Hosting

    April 14, 2010 at 5:27 pm

    If guest post is done right, traffic increases in a powerful step-function, the best way to make a guest post is to make it pay off for the reader. Write something that makes readers think, they will want to read more from this person and they’ll check you out in droves.

  2. Domain name registration

    April 15, 2010 at 7:11 am

    You can get your blog or website noted with unique quality content. When start writting for your blog or website, make sure that the write up is original, quality and unique, it will attract lot of comment and feedback.

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