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5 Underrated Dishes that are Killing Your Teeth 

Healthy teeth are essential to have a lovely smile on your face. Your teeth play an important role in your body. Healthy teeth help to chew food properly, speak clearly and have a beautiful smile. A beautiful smile can bring many changes in your life.  A beautiful smile makes you feel confident and influences your social life. What can be a better option than beginning your day with a beautiful smile on your face?  That’s why it’s important to give importance to your oral health. Teeth also give proper shape to your face.  If you have any teeth issues such as spacing issues between your teeth, crowding issues, etc you need not worry. Smile Direct Club provides almost all kinds of teeth treatments. By using Smile Direct Club coupons you can get your treatment done at a low cost. To have a beautiful smile it’s important to keep your teeth and mouth healthy. Practicing proper oral hygiene can help you prevent many teeth issues. We consume a variety of food items daily. But do you know some of those foods might be causing damage to your teeth? Here are some food items which can cause damage to your teeth and affect your dental health.

Sugar Cereals, Candy, Sweets, and Starch foods

Anything that is based on sugar is harmful to your teeth.   Well, why is sugar harmful to your teeth?  Sugar works as nutrition for bad bacteria present in our mouths. These bad bacteria feed on sugar. Sugary foods like candies and sugar cereals increase the production of bad bacteria in your teeth. These bacteria make your teeth weak and vulnerable to so many diseases. Starchy foods like potatoes and white bread are sticky and these make the sugar stay for a longer time between your teeth. This results in a greater risk of cavities.  Swap out starchy foods from your diet to avoid cavities and maintain better oral health. Smile Direct Club has solutions for all your minor to moderate teeth corrections. You may avail of Smile Direct Club deals on teeth aligners and get yourself comfy and effective aligners.

Alcoholic Beverages and Wine

Wines and drinks including alcohol are highly damaging to your teeth. Avoid drinking alcohol as much as possible. This will help you maintain better oral health.  Better oral health encourages better digestive health. Alcohol is also considered the biggest promoter of oral cancer. Increased consumption of alcohol may lead to several other health issues like gum diseases and cavities. Alcohol also increases dryness in the mouth and increases acidity in the mouth. You can treat all your dental issues like gaps between teeth or overcrowded teeth at smile direct club. You can avail of different Smile Direct Club coupon codes to get dental treatments done at affordable prices.

Sports Drink

Sports drinks are very common among all age groups. Kids and adults consume soft drinks to keep themselves hydrated on humid and hot days. But sports drinks can cause great damage to your teeth. Sports drinks are high in acid. These are less in nutrition as well. The acid included in sports drinks weakens the enamel of your teeth. Sports drinks are also high in sugar. The sugar present in sports drinks increases the bad bacteria production in your mouth. This increases the chances of cavities.  Instead of sports drinks go for coconut water and fruit juice. These are nutritious and won’t cause any damage to your teeth. If you have teeth issues such as extra gaping between teeth and crowding, visit the smile direct club website. You can avail of Smile Direct Club offers and avail treatments at reasonable prices.

Sticky and Hard food

Foods that are sticky and require more effort to chew can cause many dental issues. Sticky candies stay for a longer time between your teeth and these fuel bacterial production. Sometimes crunching on hard foods may lead to cracked teeth. So be mindful while eating hard foods. Don’t consume ice. Some people have a habit of chewing ice cubes. Ice cubes make your teeth weak and might lead to a tooth crack as well.  Are you someone looking for a good option to treat your misshaped, cracked, or crowded teeth? You can trust Smile Direct Club.  Smile Direct Club also provides aligners to cure crowded teeth. You can buy aligners from Smile Direct Club Sale at discounted prices. Take care of your health using Gleamin Coupons.

Acidic Fruits and Pickle

You might think fruits are the first recommendation to stay healthy every time one falls sick. Fruits are healthy but some acidic fruits can cause damage to your teeth. Fruits that are high in citrus make your teeth vulnerable to tooth decay and increase bacteria production. While drinking the juice of citrus fruits, you should use a  straw. Straw won’t let the juice directly hit the enamel of your teeth and will reduce the damage. Do you also enjoy adding some slices of pickle to your meal? You need to stop right here. These pickles can almost destroy the enamel of your teeth. Pickles include vinegar. Because of this, the PH levels of pickles are low means pickles are highly acidic.  Consuming pickles can lead to so many teeth problems. Some of these issues can be yellow or stained teeth, rough edges on your teeth, and tooth decay.  It’s advisable to wait for at least 30 minutes to clean your teeth after consuming something acidic.   Now it’s even easier to get the smile of your dreams with a smile direct club. You can avail of Smile Direct Club discount codes and get your dental treatment done at low costs.

Other than these harmful food items, poor oral hygiene is also equally responsible for poor dental health. Make sure to maintain proper oral hygiene. Get yourself the right oral products. Use toothpaste and mouth fresheners that are free of harmful chemicals.  Brush your teeth properly twice a day. Cut down on sugary and acidic food from your diet and drink straightening war.

Are your teeth misaligned and is this something you are worried about? You can straighten them with the help of smile direct clubs of aligners. You can get your cracked teeth treated at the smile direct club. Visit the website to avail yourself of Smile Direct Club promo codes.

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