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5 Tips for Increasing Blog Traffic in 2015

bloggingMany people used to see blogging as a fad that would surly go out of style. The last year has shown everyone that this is not the case. The demand for great content in blogs has only grown and businesses and individuals alike have seen the impact that a great blog can have. Therefore, many people are starting this year by revisiting or starting their own blogs.

Getting blog traffic is something that many bloggers struggle for every day. Blog traffic not only gets more people to the blog’s content, but it also allows blog owners to make enough money to support the blog via ads. Every blogger, no matter what their intention of the blog is, wants to have the most traffic to their blog as possible. Any blogger can find a variety of ways to increase the amount of people at their blog every day to find true success in blogging this year. Here are five tips for increasing blog traffic in 2015.

Go mobile

Bloggers should be able to make a post on the fly, whenever the perfect inspiration strikes. Every blogger should have a mobile app that allows them to do just that. Most blogging host sites will have a mobile app for bloggers to use. If this is not an option, bloggers can always use an application design company to make their own mobile blogging app.

Put time into the headlines

Headlines are what get people to a certain blog post. The headline is often what helps people find the post in a search engine and it is what convinces people to read the post in the first place. taking time to make headlines that are not only successful in common searches, but also will grab readers attention is always worth the extra effort.

Make all content sharable

Everyone wants to share what they are doing online with their friends and family. Social media has become the perfect tool for sharing blog posts. Every blog post should be easily shared from person to person on every social media site. This can be as simple as adding a few social media plugins and promoting content on social media sites.

Use tabs and tags for certain posts

No one wants to have to scroll through a million posts just to find the one topic that they have been looking for. Finding certain posts should be easy in any blog. Bloggers should organize their site to have separate tabs for different topics and tags for each post that allow people to easily find the post they are looking for.

Take advantage of SEO tools

SEO is the single best tool for increasing traffic to any website. Anyone who wants to see a real difference in their blog traffic should begin to use SEO marketing tools. Simple tools like Google Analytics can help bloggers find out what is successful and not successful in blogging and allow them to create content that people will be able to find easily.

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Jessica Socheski is a a freelance writer and tech enthusiast who frequently researches and writes about technology news. She also edits for The Teaching Box and can be found on Twitter.

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