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A Review of YouZign

Beautiful graphics are a cornerstone of most marketing campaigns. Engaging images can be used in the classroom to illustrate ideas and concepts. We use logos to brand social media channels and create infographics to drive traffic to a website. Yet although most of us need to create graphics we aren’t all graphics designers.

There are solutions to this problem. Photoshop is without a doubt the best graphics design software available. However it is hard to master. I admit, although I have tried several times, I still can’t use Photoshop. Youzign offers a simple solution to this problem.

Youzign was created to be easy to use. It was created to allow anybody to make the most common types of graphics. This includes things like infographics, business cards, flyers and facebook and Twitter headers.

image 2

For each of these designs (there are ten in all) Youzign has a library of pre-made templates that you can customize. You are not limited to these designs though. You can of course create your own design or make custom sized images.

Youzign has an easy to use interface with plenty of functionality. All of the key features of the software are at most one click of the mouse away from the main working screen.

image 3

The software has a graphics library complete with hundreds of pixel perfect vectors that you can edit and use in your designs. There are more than one hundred fonts you can use in your designs. You can even upload your own custom fonts to use in your designs.

Simplicity isn’t just about an easy to use interface and having access to pre-made templates, it’s also about being able to do complex tasks quickly and easily. An example of this is the background-cropping tool created for Youzign. Watch the video above to see just how simple it is to use.

image 4

To solve another common problem designers face, Youzign is integrated with Pixabay and Iconfinder. This integration gives Youzign users access to more than half a million copyright free photos and icons straight from the working screen.

When it comes to design everyone has different needs. Some people need to create graphics for offline tasks. Other people will use graphics to promote a blog or website. To fill these diverse needs, Youzign is integrated with a number of pieces of third party software.

One example of this is the Youzign WordPress plugin. This plugin is integrated with the Youzign software and lets you directly import designs from your Youzign library into a page or post. Another example is the Google chrome app that allows users to automatically access Youzign from the browser.

image 5

Of course like all software Youzign has its problems and limitations. The software was created to be easy to use and will never have the same level of functionality as Photoshop. We also noticed bugs when running Youzign on Safari.

However, for all these limitations Youzign offers plenty of potential as an easy to use piece of graphics design software. Youzign only exited the Beta phase in February 2015 and the team behind Youzign still plan to add many new features (you can actually access the Youzign development board, which is publically viewable on Trello, here.

image 6

To find out more about Youzign or test it for yourself, you can visit the Youzign homepage.

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