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5 Things You Should Know About US Military Families

While being in a military family is perceived normal be a lot of people, there are a few things that make military families stand out in their own unique way. The following are a few things that you may not be aware of military families in the US.

They move a lot

Being part of a US military family means that you will move almost every two or three years. This explains why kids from the US military families often change schools throughout most of their lifetime. Both spouses and children from these military families have to adapt to new places when least expected although it can be a bit hard especially for the kids because they have to say goodbye to their friends and start making new friends all over again. While it may be a downside for these families, the military has put in place programs that help them with the moving.

Deployments are not easy

The thought of staying away from your wife or husband and kids for months is difficult. This is usually the case when service members get deployed and have to stay miles away from their families for over six months and sometimes up to 18 months. This means that kids and spouses left at home have to adapt to living without a mother or father until they come back home and this may also take time for them to settle in.

Career jobs may be difficult for military spouses

A lot of companies will hesitate to hire military spouses because they understand that they may lose the employee anytime. The fact that military families are forced to move every 2 to 3 years means that it may be hard for military spouses to develop and grow their careers. Most are the times they will be forced to leave their current jobs and look for another job in a new location. However, the USO has developed a military spouse networking program aimed at creating employment for military spouses.

Military children may experience mental health related problems

Proven through studies, almost 1 in every 4 children in military families have been said to have considered committing suicide. Also, more studies have shown that most of these children raised in the US military families usually experience trauma and other mental health related diseases. That is why the US military veterans raise children in a unique way to help them adapt to the military lifestyles.

They need to be appreciated

Putting oneself in danger to protect your country is not an easy thing to do. Service members in the US military risk their lives and leave their families behind to protect others, which is a brave thing to do. This gives more reason to always appreciate them because such words and those of encouragement usually improve their courage and mood. Reports have shown that almost 20% of the military members who are in Afghanistan and Iran usually experience anxiety, acute stress, as well as depression. This gives more reason to encourage and appreciate them for their service through different online platforms, just to keep them going.

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