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5 Reasons Why You Should Increase Your Instagram Community

Magical appearance of Instagram became a kind of epiphany for most Internet users who couldn’t get to the point why do they need Instagram if they’d already had other social networking platforms. With time they got the drift of its use – and here we are, with 1 billion monthly active users!

Initially, it was just a free application for posting photos edited with the help of filters.

Today’s Instagram is the most well-loved social media service, not only for photo editing but for communication.

Almost every year Instagram devs add new features to widen its functionality. For instance, after its launch in 2010, then they added the #hashtag function in 2011, video sharing function and direct messages in 2013, Boomerang in 2015, Stories and Live broadcasting in 2016 and IGTV in 2018. Now you can even earn on Instagram because it turned into the perfect trade place.

Thus, we can see the Instagram growth by ourselves. Once it attracts more and more users, people feel that competitive spirit in the air and start to inch towards “power” by means of building up their own communities which can make you “prom queen” or improve the productivity of the most powerful marketing strategies through increasing brand awareness, expanding the target audience, reaching the masses. One of the easiest ways to increase the number of Instagram followers  is to use Instagram bot

Let’s move closer to the point.

5  reasons to increase your  community on Instagram

  1. Any of your followers have their supporters. This creates a certain network of “familiar friends” Thus, even those who do not follow you can see your posts.
  2. If the user sees that you have a lot of followers, it unconsciously pushes him to follow you too. Of course, there is no guarantee that this will happen. However, most of the time it works as a trigger.
  3. Your profile is ranked higher. Instagram has a rating – Top. Those who have more “fans” are at the priority. Respectively, the more people can see you, the more followers you obtain and your popularity will grow like a weed.
  4. Profit from advertising. If you have a lot of active followers, you can make ads posts. You can advertise both your products and take orders from advertisers. That is what almost all influencers do.
  5. Income from your account sale. Few people know, but hyped and widely promoted accounts can be sold. You can see a lot of offers on Amazon and E-bay.

What do you get from the greater number of followers?

  • Personal ego satisfaction. Yes, sometimes people want to stand out of the crowd. They post photos from vacations and videos from parties boasting their luxurious lifestyle enjoying the likes and comments of admiration. Others post photos of homeless domestic animals in search of a new master. But in any case, the more followers, the more moral feel-good.
  • Higher returns. Whether you are a manufacturer or a retailer, it is vitally important to improve your sales performance. The greater audience both brings you potential consumer and serves as an indicator of people’s trust like “look how many fans I have, they trust me and my product”

To gain thousands and millions of supporters by your own efforts is a meticulous and energy draining work that requires a lot of time. Sure thing that your promotion should start with the arrangement of your content. You won’t get followers if you post photos of the blue sky only. Moreover, you should consider the time you post them. According to statistics, the best time to post on Instagram is 2 PM on Tuesday. Again, if you post your blue sky at 2 PM every Tuesday it won’t guarantee an increase in followers.

In addition, building up your own Instagram community requires time. Do not expect your first 10 000 in a month or even year if you haven’t got any superpowers. So equip yourself with patience.

But there is an alternative to use some automation tools. Quite common and universally recognized method of promotion.

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