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5 Instagram Secrets Social Media Experts Wouldn’t Let you Know

Take a closer look. Instagram is not the social media platform it used to be. It is more than what anyone could have imagined when it was initially launched in October 2010. At the start, it was a simple social media platform where users shared their photos. Today, Instagram is a powerful and influential tool that brands are using to enhance awareness.

 With Instagram stories having gone viral, it is now evident that this social media platform is set for more. Similar to any other networking platform however, only those with inside secrets get to enjoy the numerous marketing benefits that Instagram comes with. That is where I come in.

The following Instagram hacks gives you the advantage of exploiting Instagram as a great marketing tool.

The Power of Bio Link

If you have a look at your company’s profile, there is that link in your bio that has remained dysfunctional for long. Upon setting up Instagram accounts, many companies simply put a link to their website and forget about it. That is where they go wrong. When used appropriately, such links can drive traffic, promote user engagement, and even foster sales conversion.

Using, you can have a URL in the bio section with the underlying destination changed. What this means is that your bio can now serve as a routing tool for driving signups and sales just where you need them.

The Piggybacking Strategy

For social media marketing to be effective, a brand requires several Instagram followers. Growing this follower base might not be easy at the start, or at least it might seem so. However, there is always a way out and a hack for everything. To crack this;

·         Research popular Instagram accounts of companies and brands with numerous followers

·         Pinpoint the followers of these brands

·         Like one of their photos, post a genuine comment, follow them and wait

The trick works likes magic. You will achieve a follow back like never before. It might seem involving but it is better than waiting for the mythical Santa to bestow followers for Instagram upon you, one morning, from God knows where.

Embrace Influencer Marketing

If your Instagram marketing strategy is to succeed, you must adopt influencer marketing. Just a reminder, influencer marketing entails the use of authority figures within one’s niche to influence the growth of their brand. Finding such people shouldn’t be a hurdle. Simply;

·         Look for products and services related to yours on Instagram and find out those who endorse them

·         Get alerts when such accounts post something new through the ‘Post Notifications’ feature

·         Find common grounds between you and then strike a deal to engage them as allies. Over time, they will agree to work with you and help enhance the awareness of your brand.


Social media has a great influence in marketing trends. Instinctively, Instagram plays a critical role in this revolution. With the right tips, you can make Instagram marketing work for you the way it has done for all the other leading brands worldwide.

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Evans Walsh runs a successful printer distribution firm in California. He has been in the business for the past fifteen years. Brother Laser Printers offer the best printers the market has to offer.

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