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4 Texas Music Festivals You Should Set Your Sights on This Year

The Lone Star State has a huge number of events taking place each year. In fact, a lot of these can be missed out on because of how many of them can slip under the radar. Music festivals are celebrated in the area very frequently as well, giving artists lots of chances to represent their talent on a large scale.

Even if you’re not looking to perform yourself, there’s always the option to kick back and enjoy some incredible local and national tunes. Here are some of Texas’ music festivals that you should definitely give a shot:

Houston Music & Arts Festival at Conroe and Pearland

Starting things off with a bang, we’ve got a big one taking place in March, with the Houston Music & Arts Festivals taking place at Heritage Place Park – Houston – Conroe, TX. There’s going to be some big performances on the stage this year with several renowned local artists on board and ready. For musicians planning to get on stage on a platform alongside the greats, this might be your shot.

The event has big sponsors backing it up, and the 80,000-attendance expected is a clear sign that it’s one to not miss out on. There’s something here for everyone, with hundreds of art exhibitors and a juried prize available. It wouldn’t be a Texan event without sizzling hot food and cold beer, either. No entrance fee for kids and several attractions for the young ones make this one the perfect family event to mark on your calendar.

The event will have a second date a week later after the one at Conroe, this time taking place at Independence Park Pearland, TX. Same great fun, with the only difference being a change in locations.

Vintage Market Days of Greater San Antonio

While people may mistake the Vintage Market Days of Greater San Antonio for some ordinary flea market, it’s much more than that. Beyond the collectables, homemade crafts, home décor and jewelry available on sale, there’s a host of local musicians available at the scene to showcase their talent.

Up and coming talent is sure to get some attention at this event, especially with how people tend to return to it throughout the week due to the reusable ticket provided for the occasion. People bring their families for a great time shopping, trying great local food and jamming to the music at this unique event. It’ll take place this year in April at The San Rose Palace – San Antonio, TX.

Plano (Dallas) Music & Arts Festival

The Plano – Dallas Music & Arts Festival has a host of talented performers lined up to perform on the big stage this year. It’ll have a day and night concert, keeping the party going throughout the day. Up and coming musicians can also sign up for it, giving themselves a chance to take the stage in front of a large crowd and put themselves up on the map.

Expect big crowds at this one, with families being incentivized with several fun and competitive attractions for children, being a whole package for the lot. Cooling misting fans used in the NFL are set up on the ground to keep things cool when the heat is on. It wouldn’t be an arts festival without some crafts at display, with a whole artist market set up for talented individuals to present their work and sell it for those looking for souvenirs as well.

The event takes place at two different locations in April, the first one at Myers Park & Event Center – Dallas – McKinney, TX and later on at Southfork Ranch – Dallas-Plano, TX.

Scarecrow Festival

The people of Chappell Hill turn toward downtown when the Scarecrow Festival comes around. Everyone’s there for something, be it the delicious food that’s prepared live to feast on, some for the preservation of history that the festival has continued for ages but one of the standout features of the event is the great music that it gives a stage to.

Many different acts come forward for music and live entertainment at the Scarecrow Festival. Anyone willing to present their talent can take the stage, and almost the whole city is your crowd to rock out to. Apart from great music, there’s a wide variety of dishes prepared live with enough cold beer to go around.

Signing Up for Music Festivals

Texans love music as much as anything, enjoying a bit of it along with their food and partying. These festivals are an amalgam of all the good things that The Lone Star State has to provide, making them a perfect place for musicians to express their talents and even expand their fanbase. The well-rounded experience brings in different kinds of people, not just music aficionados and enthusiasts.

They offer exposure to new crowds, not only helping you hone your skills to different groups of people but spread the word about you across different areas. Some of the crowds at these events go up to several thousands of attendees, which is good for any up-and-coming musician.

Platforms like FestivalNet host an extensive database of all the events taking across North America, allowing people to add their events on their website. The site attracts millions of viewers on a monthly basis. One of its unique features is that it allows event managers to send out call for talent, allowing artists to sign up for big events and perform there.

This makes it easy to find relevant events taking place near you, helping you secure the gig you need to make a name for yourself in the world of music.

Author bio: This article is brought to you by the experts at FestivalNet provides a wide range of services, including promotion for music festivals, indie concerts, farmers markets, craft shows, and holiday events apart from food festivals, helping artists sign up for them with their Call For Artists publications.

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