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4 Reasons Why You Might Need Printed Circuit Boards

Whether you’re redesigning an old product or creating a new one, printed circuit boards (PCBs) are a simple and versatile way to connect components and provide communication between them. There’s no restriction on what kinds of products can benefit from them. Invented in 1936, PCBs are always improving and are used in products that include household gadgets, space station equipment, and more. PCBs improve product design and function in the following important ways.


PCBs, add sturdiness and resilience to a product’s design. Circuits connected with wires often don’t have the strength to withstand frequent or heavy use. A slight impact can damage a wired circuit and prevent it from working, but printed circuits are difficult to damage. Simply changing your product design to include a PCB instead of wired circuits can turn it from fragile to nearly indestructible. Many portable devices would not be possible without printed circuit boards. The materials they are made of are superior in construction, and therefore, they are more durable than using old-school wiring for your product. Printed circuit boards make a huge difference when it comes to product design as well. Since they are so durable and strong, it enables product engineers to save space in certain areas when designing. It also enables them to make a better product overall.


Printed circuits are much more affordable than in the past, and using them instead of wired connections is almost always cheaper. Additionally, dependable circuit boards can save on repair costs for users. For consumer products, lower cost and increased reliability improve customer satisfaction and increase brand loyalty. If you’ve checked PCB prices in the past and found them too expensive, you may be surprised to learn that costs have come down as technological advancements have made them easier to produce. They are so affordable, so there is no reason not to use them in your new product designs. They simplify the fabrication process in a lot of ways as well. When you can save money on each unit, you can make each one that much more durable and useful for consumers.


PCB solutions have dramatically changed the way most products are designed and manufactured. As wired circuits increase in complexity, their size increases too. Small devices aren’t possible without PCBs because wired circuits are bulky and have a fixed size. PCB solutions can replace dozens or even hundreds of wires, improving the design and allowing the device to be smaller than in previous generations. Other components have gotten smaller too, further reducing overall product sizes. PCBs enable technology to move forward, especially when it comes to handheld devices and gadgets. When designing new products in the future, be sure to investigate PCBs.


Every circuit needs energy, but mechanical circuits require much more power than PCBs, wasting resources like electrical power, motor generation capacity, and battery life. Superior circuit board technology improves efficiency while allowing for more complex functions without drawing much or any additional energy from the power source. That means a small power source may be able to offer more functionality than a larger one of the past. Since PCBs do not require as much electricity to function, they save power and increase the battery life of your device.

PCBs are sturdier, simpler, more cost-effective, and more energy-efficient than old-fashioned ways of joining electronic components. While building a prototype with wires and other physical connections may be the easiest way to prove a concept, PCBs are the smartest choice when it’s time to bring a product to market. Simple and versatile PCBs are all around us, and they’re what you need to help your new or redesigned products succeed.

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Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.rn

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