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4 Great Reasons to Visit Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula

You don’t need to wait till a vaccine is developed for Covid-19 to start dreaming about your next vacation. You can do that now by planning a trip to Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. Here are 4 great reasons to choose Kenai Peninsula as your next holiday destination

Since we’re in the midst of a global crisis now is not the best time to travel. However, things will get better, and when they, do the Kenai Peninsula will be waiting with natural beauty and bold adventures.

Start Dreaming About Your Next Vacation

You don’t need to wait till a vaccine is developed for Covid-19 to start dreaming about your next vacation.  You can do that now by planning a trip to Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula.

Why You Should Visit Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula for Your Next Vacation

The Kenai Peninsula is almost as big as Belgium and is a top priority for anyone who visits Alaska. To the East, we’ve got the Resurrection Bay waters and the towering Kenai Mountains. The West is surrounded by a long coastline, rolling hills, and large lakes. There are many towns with a rich cultural history that are and fascinating sights for first-timers to Alaska.

The Kenai Peninsula boasts some of the greatest wildlife experiences in the world and some of the best weather in Alaska. Through the Glacier Mountains, there are many day hikes as well as spectacular paddle excursions along the glaciated fjord.  The following are the top reasons to visit the Kenai Peninsula when it is safe to travel again.

1. Glaciers

With close to 100,000 in-state glaciers on the Kenai Peninsula, prepare to be blown away by ice.  Alaska has a variety of glaciers on the roadside which visitors can easily reach. Some popular glaciers include Glacier Exit, Byron Glacier, Glacier Mendenhall, and Matanuska Glacier.

2. Great Views of the Northern Lights

It should probably be counted as a winter event. However, the northern lights also referred to as aurora borealis, are a great reason to visit Alaska. During the winter, the long dark hours and early sunsets increase the likelihood of experiencing one of the greatest wonders of nature. It’s possible to see the grandeur of this nature in Alaska as early as late August through to April. However, the best months for this activity are November through March.

3. Cruises & Fishing

There are several cruises to Alaska which receive impressive reviews. These cruises boast excellent vies of sea life, the glaciers, breathtaking views, and incredible food and entertainment.

For shorter cruises, we recommend a whale-watching cruise.  Whales are gigantic, and you can get extremely close to them in Alaska. Simply head down to a nice whale watching spot on the Kenai Peninsula where you will find many available boat tours. In addition to whale-watching, the Kenai Peninsula offers world-class fishing excursions courtesy of some of the best fishing guides in the world. Whether it’s fishing for salmon and trout in the turquoise waters of the Kenai River or fishing for halibut in the deep waters outside of Homer, the Kenai Peninsula is an angler’s dream.

4. Camping

No trip to Alaska is completed without a camping experience. By the shores of Kachemak Bay, the Homer Spit campground provides a beautiful place to camp and explore during your journey. The camping on the beach gives a beautiful view the bay while bald eagles soar overhead. You can rent a kayak or take a fishing boat out of Anchor Point or Homer for boat excursions while camping.

This list is not exhaustive, and there are plenty more reasons to visit the Kenai Peninsula. These include stunning mountain views, sport fishing, skiing and snowboarding, hiking, and the best people on earth.

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