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4 Apps You Can Use to Keep the House Clean and Organized

The atmosphere and mood of a person’s home can have a huge impact on the quality of life. It is important that you keep your house clean and organized because it will help in leading an organized life. If you do not pay attention to the house cleaning then the clutter can get out of control pretty quickly. It is essential that you make time for housekeeping so that you do not have a sink full of dirty dishes and the trash is not overflowing.

Living healthy and happy requires a clean and hygienic place. If you are finding it hard to come up with a schedule or find time to clean the house then you can take help from technology. There are a lot of apps that can help in creating a schedule and get the cleaning and organizing done.

Here are some of the apps that can help in keeping the house organized.


It is a great app for Android and iOS users. If you are finding it difficult to create or stick to a cleaning schedule then you will find this app to be highly helpful. It will help in keeping up with the cleaning schedule. You can use the app to create a recurring schedule that includes frequent tasks and chores. You should select the areas of the home that you would like to monitor and then select the task from the wheel. Once you choose the name of the task you should determine how often you need to take care of the task. The app will let you know when you need to change the kitchen towels or replace as it will be mentioned in to do list.


If you are finding it hard to keep the cabinets, refrigerator or pantries organized then this app will make your life so much easier. The app allows you to create a visual inventory by simply taking pictures of the things or you can just scan the QR code. Once you have photos of all the items you can arrange them in different categories. You can also tag items which will make it easy to find the items that you need. you can also add warranty or expiration date of the items.


Cleaning becomes much easier if all of the family members take part in it. You can also get the kids involved in making the chores fun and exciting. ChoreMaster is a great app that will allow you to create tasks and make them interesting by turning them into games. To keep the kids interested you can offer small rewards like ice cream, play date, a trip to a beach or park, etc.


If you are super busy and do not have time to keep up with a cleaning schedule then there is nothing wrong with getting some professional help. Handy allows you to decide a date and time with cleaning professionals. They can come at the decided time and take care of the cleaning. The app also allows you to track the progress of the cleaning. The app also offers a secure and easy payment method.

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