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What is ‘Designer AV Furniture’ for Your Home Theater System

Who doesn’t want to own a home that’s relaxing and comforting, especially after a tiring day at work? Whether it’s an entertainment room or your personal man cave, a room with a home theater system will definitely take the cake in terms of fun and relaxation. Aside from this, though, you may find amazing benefits when you install designer AV furniture designed to hold your home theater system in place.

Most homeowners like to style up their houses and upgrade the design every now and then. If you’re eager to welcome visitors to your home and make a good impression on them, investing in interior home design – which includes buying the right furniture – can already make a huge difference.

What is an AV Furniture?

While owning high end home theater systems are impressive enough (by the way, click here to see my review on the best home theater system), a good AV furniture can bring up the elegance and style in your room. Both make a very good combination and improves the quality of viewing experience exponentially.

AV furniture is designed to house your audio and video devices – or an entire home theater system. This category of furniture may also include other pieces such as seating, cabinets, and racks.

Choosing the Perfect Designer AV Furniture

A cabinet or receptacle for your home theater system is usually available in either knocked furniture or assembled furniture.

  • In knocked furniture, you need to assemble the parts together before placing your home theater system. Some people prefer this type because it allows them more variation on how they can design their home theater system. In addition, it is easier for the furniture to be dismantled should you decide to transfer them to another room or area in the house.
  • Assembled type furniture can be readily used because it is already assembled. Various designs are available in furniture stores and AV equipment shops to choose from. This type of furniture is usually more difficult to move from one spot of the house to another because they cannot be dismantled as easily as knocked furniture.

As time goes by, your home theater system may change and undergo several upgrades. Therefore, you need a type of furniture that can go along with upcoming changes. Choose AV furniture with extra spaces to fit in gaming consoles, speakers and subwoofers, and additional media streaming devices.

Look for furniture features such as adjustable shelves so that you can reconfigure your system as your needs change. Remember that you always need to have easy access to the rear of your components and connections. Having wheels should also be a convenient option for mobility and maintenance.

Having all these equipment means having to deal with so many wires. A good home theater system, furniture should have an integrated wire management system that can easily interconnect cables and keep them organized. As an alternative, you may opt for a DIY version using wire tubes and clips.

It is equally important that all the wires of your home theater system are generally invisible. Make sure to organize your wires in such a way that you can keep them out of sight, prevent accidental tripping, and still have access to them whenever you need it.

Some people like to design their entertainment or media room with chairs like those found in cinemas. If you find leather recliner seats or theater chairs expensive, you may opt for cheaper living room furniture with high-quality built and design.

AV Furniture Ideas

To help you find the perfect AV furniture for your home, here are some ideas to get you started.

Simple but functional

You don’t have to go overboard and start with the whole shebang. If you have limited budget or if your home space cannot fit a full-sized AV cabinet, a compact option such as a tabletop multi-layer rack can already accommodate an entire home theater system. Choose a slim design that works with your home interior design.

Classic wood cabinet

Some entertainment furniture look like kitchen cupboards or dining room cabinets that allow you to not only house your whole home theater system but also offer additional storage for wines and coolers. Opting for wood material brings a classy and vintage vibe to your entertainment system.

Make sure that there’s enough space for your speakers, and that you can simply pull the speakers out when you want to use the home theater system.

Furniture that follows your home design

One of the best tips to make your designer AV furniture fit your home aesthetics is to keep it within the style and color of the rest of the house. If you have white walls, you may choose an AV furniture in white. Similarly, you may have your home theater system’s cabinet look like a built-in cabinet that is embedded onto the walls.

Minimalist flair

Having a home theater system doesn’t mean having a huge-sized TV or so many speakers and tweeters connected to it. Following a minimalist design provides a clean look for your home theater system. Some options for this kind of style include the use of glass and metal materials, preference for black or white colors, or a sleek home theater system model.

In addition, find a way for the speakers to be hidden inside cabinets so that they don’t cramp the room too much.

Moviehouse design

You wouldn’t want to watch your favorite movies while cramped up in an uncomfortable chair, would you? If you have money to spare, buy extra comfy chairs that look like seats in a movie theater. These may cost a few hundred dollars more, but the comfort and style will be all worth it.

Consider soundproofing

To ensure that the audio quality of your home theater system is topnotch, try to soundproof the media room. You may choose to spend on professional soundproofing materials or add noise-reducing items such as thick curtains or large seating.

By choosing the right AV furniture, you can maximize your home theater system while being able to keep the home aesthetics intact and your budget within range.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Zoe Campos

    September 1, 2020 at 12:22 pm

    Thanks for telling me that buying the right furniture pieces for our home theater system can also contribute to a great experience. We sound-proofed our basement so we can turn it to a home theater system. It might also be a good idea to start shopping for speakers and see how much they cost.

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