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3 Ways to Increase Revenue Through Your Smartphone

Business is now on the “Go” more than ever. It seems like getting to a client or meeting requires endless driving and endless time spend negotiating with clients. Even so, most people aren’t dedicated to their work 24 hours a day. You are probably still trying to tie in personal commitments with business ones, and in between, trying to get some time off to go shopping, relax or go on vacation. It can be a frantic mess!

Still that’s the way work is in this modern age. So, you have to find things to help get these huge number of tasks completed as soon as possible, no matter where you are physically located at that particular moment.

That’s why the smartphone is so great. With this little phone device you can always remain connected to business associates, the office and complete most of the office tasks from wherever we are. You see, it’s the apps that are the key element to making your smartphone an important business tool, one that can make you thousands of dollars, no matter where you make the “Important Business Decision” from (on a beach, the car, a kids soccer game, or anywhere).

The following are three smart apps that can help you efficiently run your business from anywhere:

1 – Evernote 

This is available for Android, Blackberry or iPhone phones. The app is a note taking one, that allows you to collect business information such as business cards, phone numbers, information on business prospects. You can even use your phone’s camera to capture the needed notes. For instance, take a picture of a business card and the app will store all the pertinent contact information.

2 – Dropbox 

Just as the name implies, it is a drop box where you can place documents, photos, notes or audio files to be used in any project at the office or by any of your clients for important information. Its also a great way to sync your files across your home and office computers, as well as devices like your phones and tablets.

This little app lets you get the information you need for a sales call, or open information you need for a meeting, and even lets you link computer files through Cloud technology.

3 – Intuit GoPayment 

If you take credit card payments and need a way to take these payments at a clients home or business, then the Intuit app lets you accept credit cards from the smartphone, allowing you to be paid immediately. This type of app makes it easier to process payments and work flows much more smoothly, especially for contractors, florists, even restaurants that deliver. Payments can be processed from any location (even over the phone while on vacation).

In addition to managing your business apps, it’s also important to secure and backup your files. While most cloud computing involves a fair amount of protection, nothing beats the physical assurance of external hard drive like the Thunderbolt hard drive. It’s still a bit too early in the cloud storage game to start assuming important files can’t be lost without a physical backup.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Cole

    December 23, 2012 at 8:38 am

    How about replacing dropbox with googledrive? since this is android

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