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The Lowdown On Remote Working

The working environment is changing. No longer are employees required to clock in from nine to five, work within office walls and constantly required to perform routine tasks at their stations. Software has enabled them to justify their salary at home.

You might be familiar with working from home, but companies like to call it ‘remote working’. The former hints at an employee being able to juggle aspects of their day to day life – like household chores and childcare – with office work, while the latter places an emphasis on the software that allows them to, well, work from a remote location.

IntroCap Remote Control

Such initiatives have attracted the eye of many employers across the UK, a group of whom allow a total of 3.5 million members of staff to ply their trade at home. Their trust in such a way of working is justifiable given the benefits, some of which are listed below.

Improve Productivity

At the top of the list is a productivity boost; something that every business owner should be looking to achieve. This isn’t based simply on hearsay and advertising, though, as stats from BT’s 2012 study raise a great argument for flexible working. According to readings from the telecoms provider, enterprises embracing flexible working methods enjoy a 20 per cent productivity gain on average, with 65 per cent of small businesses rolling out such initiatives to boost morale.

Staff Retention

Staff given the freedom of working between an office and their home are likely to be enjoying a healthy work-life balance as a result, which subsequently contributes to their positive morale. However, staff feeling quite the opposite could even be tempted by a move away. The inadvertent poaching of staff, as it’s sometimes known, is especially evident in the IT sector, where vacancies are currently matching growth.

For example, a skilled IT worker might be swayed by a firm which can offer them the chance to complete basic fixes on remote control software. The employer could still bring them in for two-three days a week when needed, but they’ve at least provided a balance.

Remote Control

The Green Factor

Employers can save on any travel expenses they may have been covering, but the ability to reduce a carbon footprint should also help when it comes to meeting any green goals. You might be surprised at the sheer amount of workers that travel to work via car rather than catching the train or bus. It’s something that modern businesses should be looking limit at every opportunity.

Save Expenses On Premises

If there are less office workers around, companies can also save on property costs. Larger firms don’t need the extra space to accommodate members of staff that work from home, meaning that fewer desks are required. A company expanding without changing their facility; who would have thought it?

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John Stephen is a consultant. He is also an IT Support Technician, Internet Marketer and he loves to research with access software. He recommends which provides the resources on strategic business goals while maintaining the availability, security and stability of your IT environment.

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