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Have Some VoIP Class, Mate!

How would you feel when someone you don’t know randomly calls you on Skype? Aren’t you always in a crossroads, wondering whether or not you should take the call? What if it’s a client? Or what if it’s a prankster who’s got nothing better to do? Isn’t it annoying to scramble in front of your computer or tablet device, waiting for that final gut-feel that brings you to a decision of whether or not to take or reject the call? Ask yourself these questions.

Much like talking to people via a conventional telephone, talking over VoIP services requires a certain level of finesse and respect, which are down pat easy to learn. And this is why you need to observe the proper practices needed to successfully carry out voice communications over the internet. The beauty of VoIP communications is that it’s not the same as a face-to-face conversation but is way more engaging than a mere telephone conversation. It may feel weird and unnatural at times, but it’s a good way to foster relationships whether you’re an individual or a businessperson.

Understand that VoIP communications is here to stay

You have to understand that VoIP communications is already here; and day by day, it continually permeates the collective consciousness of digital citizens. One of these days, it will act as the preferred means of communicating. Remember those times – years and years ago – when chatting over ICQ made you nervous every time? How about those moments when you felt too afraid to post comments on a blog post or a discussion thread because you feared that what you had to say would greatly impact the flow the conversation? Well, those days are long gone. Today, chatting and commenting seems like a very natural practice you can do with eyes closed.

One of these days, when the technology of VoIP goes in full bloom, it is expected to enjoy that same level of popularity; and it wouldn’t hurt to know a thing or two about it. As many experts would say, it is a technology with huge disruptive potential. People no longer have to stick with their existing number. The capability to acquire your own phone number to play with is there. The power to send and receive unlimited fax, voicemail, and voice calls can be taken to unlimited heights. No one thought this was possible when people only had coiled telephone handsets.

Now that we’re done with the first “VoIP class,” let’s proceed to having some “class.”

Have some class when using VoIP

Now I don’t require much, but if you want to talk to me using VoIP, I have a few requests before you launch that dialer and punch my number on it. They say, “Treat others the way you want to be treated,” and this is exactly how I treat people whenever I call them. So I think it’s only fair that I get the same.

Jamie Condliffe started an interesting discussion over at Gizmodo claiming that Skyping without a headset is obnoxious. And I guess it is. In the first place, it’s still not a real-life conversation that you’re having, and even if there’s so much ambient noise around you, you don’t necessarily have to talk louder. Headsets were invented for that purpose.

The “ping before you ring” philosophy is very ideal for this type of communication. Before making that call, establish if it’s convenient for the receiver to take your call. A simple chat or text message asking “Can I call you over Skype?” or “Can I call your RingCentral number?” would go a long way.

Those are just two things I want to teach you about making VoIP calls. And if I can do it, why couldn’t you?

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