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3 Golden Rules of Picking out the Best Domain Name Extension

Now that you have figured out what’s going to be the name of your domain, another plight that becomes highly apparent is domain extension. Honestly speaking, choosing the most appropriate domain name extension can actually turn out to be a pickle. Most people chase the much sought after .com extension that is most of the time not easily available. After they fail to obtain a .com domain extension associated with their website, they drop the idea of naming a website with a different extension altogether without even considering other alternatives.


Notable here is the fact that once a domain extension is chosen, it can’t be reversed by any means at all. Therefore, thinking on for some time on domain extension before setting your mind on one, would actually lead you to make the wisest of the decisions.

Mentioned below are three golden rules of domain name extension selection.

3 Rules of Choosing a Domain Name Extension

Figure Out the Purpose of your Website

Choosing a domain name that reflects the purpose of your website is actually a sensible option here. For a commercial site like an online store, .com or .biz extensions work perfectly. For representing an organization, .org is suitable and .info is most appropriate for informational websites. It is worth noting here that, choosing an extension that tells about your website is not obligatory. It’s just common sense.

Take into Consideration the Local Audience

Domain extensions can also be geographically restrained country wise. If you want your site to attract visitors locally, providing it with a domain extension according to the country code will target the audience more effectively and will help you improve your business. Extensions like .us (United States), .uk (United Kingdome) are some examples.

Search Engine Optimization Factor

Believe it or not, domain extensions do play an important role in enhancing your rankings on google page. From an SEO perspective, domain extensions are highly important. .com domains are more likely to yield better search engine results; therefore it is the most sought after. However other domains extensions such as .info too have a potential of improving your search engine rankings.

Most of the time people go for .com extensions even if it means to distort the naming sense of their portal. What they do not understand is the fact that, a proper SEO strategy may lead to improving the rankings of websites with other domain extensions as well. The next time you embark upon a quest of most suitable domain extension; do keep in mind these three golden rules that will definitely help you a lot.

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Akanksha is a passionate writer, who has written various interesting articles on technology niche for various websites.She loves to write about technology, gadgets, marketing ,seo & all.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Damian C

    December 9, 2014 at 1:03 pm

    Domain names are so important when it comes to SEO, if your keywords are already in your URL then you are already on to a winner with the search engines.

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