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5 Products to Keep Smartphones Dust Free

We cannot think of leaving our home without cell phones. Even when we are home, we are in close contact with the cell phone. Naturally we transfer a lot of the grime and dirt of everyday life to our cell phones. Think about it, we always use our phones and it touches our hands, mouth, ear and cheek. Other people also use our phones from time to time.

clean smartphone

For example a person might want to call from your phone or you might want to show something to your friend on your phone. Whether you want it or not, physical contact also transfers germs from one person to another through a common medium in this case your phone. Also if dirt and grime gets between the tiny gaps and inside the circuit, it might cause damage to the phone itself.

There are a lot of different products available in the market that offer cleaning solution and can keep your phone dust free.

We will discuss five of the most popular of these products:

1. Wireless Wipes

Wireless wipes are made for your phone (iPhone and android), Windows phone, Blackberry, Laptop and iPod. These smartphone screen wipes are non corrosive and cleans effectively. Upon drying they do not leave any mark. That means these are fast drying and non-streaking. These wipes do not leave behind fiber residues like cheap wipes and clean the phone off any germs.

The Wireless wipes come for $2 for 10 pieces and are simple to use and affordable.  There are three options to choose from .Take your pick from pomegranate citrus, green tea cucumber and rosemary peppermint. Go to the website or get these on Amazon.

2. Elite Tech Gear Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

These are amazing microfiber fabrics especially meant for cleaning electronics devices like cell phones, tablets, computer monitor, laptop screen, camera lens and anything that has a sensitive surface. It cleans without scratching and the dirt clings to the fabric and not on the screen. It does not leave marks on your devices.

How microfiber cloths work is illustrated below.

These are available in packs of 6, 13, and 30 and also in packs of 4 (over-sized) cloths. The price for the 6 pack is $9.95 and it goes up to $12.99 for the pack of 4 over-sized cloths for bigger surfaces. This product is available on Amazon.

3. Bryson Screen Cleaner

This cleaning solution cleans dust, soils and fingerprints from any LCD, LED, Plasma and all types of monitors and screens. It is alcohol, ammonia and phosphate free. It does not leave marks and dries fast.
The Amazon price is $13.73 and it comes in a 16 oz. spray bottle and a microfiber cloth.

4. Goldmine Easy Cleaning Rollers

This roller is great for cleaning smart phone and tablet screens. It is portable and convenient to carry and cleans without leaving residues, finger prints, or streaks. The product is available at $10.99 on Amazon.

5. Targus CleanVu Cleaning Pads

The CleanVu cleaning pads are specially meant for iPad and iPhones. It can also be used for blackberry, Samsung and other brands of smart phone. The pad is made of faux suede and leather like material and effectively cleans dirt as well as smudges without a scratch.

The price is $ 3.99 for a pack of 3 pads on Amazon.

Keep your smart phones dust and germ free with the use of proper cleaning products. Remember that by doing so you safeguard your device and also yourself from undue exposure to dust and germs.

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I am Sarah Edwards, a blogger by profession. I have been writing business blogs for some of the start ups related to technology, society and entertainment industry. Graduated in Mass Communication and have more than three years of blogging experience.

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