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3 Games To Keep You Sharp During Lockdown

Are you feeling confined to your house during the lockdown? Our brains crave nutrition just as much as our bodies. And modern technology is here to help, offering some brilliant classic game adaptations to keep you busy.

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Classic games remain king when it comes to brain training. Although, they can’t offer expansive maps to explore like RPGs. Or match the hundred strong cooperative experience in Battle Royale modes. Games like poker, chess, and scrabble have stood the test of time and offer a steeper learning curve.

If you’re trying to stay sharp, read on to discover some of the best brain training games around.


It may not always spring to mind, but poker is one of the most brain-stimulating games around. And it’s lockdown friendly too, so there’s no need to worry about venturing to a crowded casino. Either play with a deck of cards at home or venture online for some variation.

Poker keeps your competitive side motivated over the lockdown period, as well as, emploring a degree of patience — something we all need right now. We train our cunning and judgment while learning when to bet, when to fold and when to bluff.

However, the game’s association with gambling can also be its downside. Remember, playing to learn is not playing to win. Many online poker sites offer free games where no wager is required. And if you can afford it, wagering a small amount is okay too; just ensure you keep the risk factor low and infrequent.

If your feeling unsure about where to play poker online, 888 casino could be a good place to start. OnlineCasinos, in its 888 online casino review, touts the trustworthiness of the platform. It’s also home to a fantastic blog where you can learn more about poker. But, wherever you choose to play, the goal stays the same. Poker is about keeping yourself sharp, not about winnings.


Notoriously played by brainiacs, the game of chess is another fantastic way to keep you mentally active during the lockdown.

Chess is deserving of its stature. It encourages intense concentration and teaches you the importance of planning ahead. Chess is not a game of luck ninety-nine out of a hundred times players will lose by moving pieces at random. Equally, it improves your memory functions, with regular players being able to recall winning combinations and tactics on a whim.

Just like poker, chess can be played physically or virtually. If you’re not lucky enough to own a mahogany chessboard, or you live alone during the lockdown, playing online will do the trick. With most browser games pitting your brain against a computer, it’s great practice for when the national restrictions eventually end.


Scrabble is a fantastic way to keep your linguistics passion burning over the course of the lockdown. Language is a uniquely elegant trait of human nature, combining game tiles serves to enhance your vocabulary even further. Soon you’ll be jotting down 26 point words — like quixotic — as if they are nothing.

But squeezing out fancy-sounding expressions from the corners of your mind isn’t all scrabble offers. The board game also has a therapeutic benefit to take note of. Like reading and writing, playing scrabble allows you to transfer thoughts into words. While you’re playing, pay attention to what you are placing down — it’s fascinating to see what the mind comes up with when under pressure. And if the epidemic is anything, it’s certainly stressful.

Strange though it may sound, Scrabble shows the importance of listening to your mind, as well as, keeping yourself sharp. And thanks to technology, it’s more accessible than ever. But coming in various forms online, the word game has grown beyond itself. So, choosing a version to play can be confusing.

However, AndroidApps regard Words With Friends as one of the greatest Scrabble inspired apps around. Equally, if you own an iPhone, the messenger plugin GamePigeon boasts a similar mini-game, meaning you can link with friends over iMessage.

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Remember returning to school after the holiday? Instantly you’d find writing notes in your workbook to feel unnatural. It’s because you were blunt and out of practice. The lockdown experience highlights how you need to care for the mind, as much as your body. Keeping your mind active using classic games makes isolation more bearable, allowing you to remain sharp for when we return to normality.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Prakash

    May 31, 2020 at 12:03 pm

    Really good thing to share during this lockdown. I prefer to play chess and some random games. It keeps me occupied whenever I feel bored.

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