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2 Types Of Skills That Every Project Manager Needs

Top soft skills that project managers need with the constant changes in the project environment

Project managers play a vital role throughout the lifecycle of a project. Each activity under a specific project requires project professionals to possess an adequate skill set. The skill set can include hard skills as well as soft skills necessary for the smooth functioning of the project. In addition, these skills play a vital role in managing people and producing the best results. Let us have a detailed look at the 2 types of skills.

Hard skills

Hard skills constitute the technical skills of project managers. Experience and education in the field of project management are considered hard skills. Without this skill, a project manager cannot deliver better outcomes for the project undertaken. These skills further signify the tools, techniques, and methods that can be applied by project managers daily. A project manager can even acquire this skill by acquiring various globally accredited certifications like PMP and CAPM offered by Project Management Institute.

Soft skills

Soft skills, on the other hand, are nothing like hard skills. Both are different, thereby ensuring that project professionals utilize their skills optimally. Moreover, soft and hard skills are both needed to effectively carry out projects and deliver results. This skill set trains project managers to manage the people aspect of the project. As projects are executed by a team rather than a single person, project managers are often deemed to possess soft skills.

What are the top soft skills that project managers need?

Although there are various soft skills that project managers master, these top soft skills play a major role while going through the project lifecycle.

Communication skills

Verbal as well as written communication act as an advantage for project managers during meetings. Without this soft skill, project managers fail to communicate clearly with the team, stakeholders, and top management. Proper communication channels and tools need to be acquired by project managers to provide clear and concise instruction on their tasks.


Every project faces issues during various stages of its lifecycle. This necessitates project managers to take numerous decisions at every step. Possessing this soft skill allows project managers to make decisions effectively by considering all project-related aspects.


Leadership skills play a major role for project managers. Every project needs a team with a leader who can direct the team members towards achieving project objectives. With leadership skills, a project manager can drive the team and project into achieving its goals.

Team management

A project is carried out by a project manager and a team that consists of experts in the field. The entire project team is responsible for executing project-related tasks and activities. A project manager is required to manage the entire project by ensuring their needs are met, whilst working towards project goals.

Resolving conflicts

A project team consists of diverse members with different backgrounds. During certain circumstances, this may give rise to conflicts among the team members. As a project manager, an individual needs to have adequate skills for managing any kind of conflict.

Without these skills, a project manager cannot survive in the field for a longer duration. The hard and soft skills both have equal importance in project management. An ideal project manager is required to possess both these skills for carrying out various kinds of projects easily.

Individuals aspiring to be Project Management Professionals (PMP) acquire these soft skills while getting trained for the certification. PMP Training program is designed to impart both hard and soft skills during the sessions. This further allows individuals to apply the acquired skills in the industry and empowers organizations in achieving their goals.

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