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12 Phases of Web Development Life Cycle

If we put the traditional assumption aside, coding isn’t the most crucial element of the development cycle. In reality, it’s a secondary aspect. What’s more important is organizing and strategizing the entire process and making sure that it will meet the requirements of the client.

Planning and strategizing play an important part in helping define the timeline for web development. Based on this timeline and the cost of developing an application can be calculated. If you plan the web app development correctly, you will earn a profit. If you do not follow through and continue to extend the timeline, you’ll lose money. It’s as easy as it gets. This is why we realize how crucial it is to follow a procedure.

When discussing the process, we have to be aware of every step during the development process. Any mistake can cause an extended timeframe and you’ll have to deal with the consequences of a delayed launch of your web app.

If you’re looking forward to developing an app or a site but aren’t sure how to tackle the big question Here are the complete steps to follow to finish building your app.

The Phases of the Web Development Life Cycle

Here are the 12 stages of building an online site. It will start right when you receive your requirements until the point of implementation.

Take your time studying these phases and you’ll be able to build an excellent application.

Requirement Gathering

If you’re clear on the concept of your web app It is now time you consider addressing a few most important questions you have to answer at the beginning of your web app’s development. Be aware of the primary reason for the web app. Know the needs of the people who visit your site. Do a demography test and identify your intended user base. This will assist you in designing your site to meet the tastes of your targeted group of users.

Know the goal of the app and then plan the functions of your projects In this way, you’ll be able to make sure that there isn’t any unnecessary functionality that you have to add to your site.

Design Strategy

To build a complete web app with top-quality features and functionality, It is crucial to satisfy the requirements of your audience’s expectations with the design of your site. If your site is uninteresting, you’ll be unable to not catch the users’ interest but rather the rise in its bounce rate.

It is essential to keep in mind the goals of your business to reflect your brand’s image. Additionally, the components you are planning to build into your application should reflect the goals of your site. This will allow you to engage your visitors and make them aware of the purpose of their visit.

Incorporate your content marketing strategy, and you’ll have your business taken care of.

Technical Strategy

After you have decided on your design plan, it is time to think about any technical plans. This will include the selection of the functions and features that need to be included in the web development company in the USA

Based on the characteristics and the overall goal of creating a web app the base framework is the security of the database in every stage, front-end development components, and back-end development. will be determined.

So, the technical strategy is the foundation for the creation of custom web app development.


The branding phase is where you keep the core of your web app’s mission and incorporate it into the business. This means that whenever a person visits your site or visits it, your site must be able to connect with the customer and your branding must be etched into the brain of the user.

If he sees the colors and design of your color scheme when he visits Social Media Platforms or just your web page it is expected to identify your company’s name.

To achieve this it is necessary to establish the ability to connect your logo or business cards, social media channels, or any other type of advertising along with your app layout and color palette, favicons, taglines, and so on. to create a lasting impression on the person who is using it.

UI/UX Design

Your app development is great. You’ve got a great marketing strategy. Your content is captivating. You’re very enthusiastic about the interaction of users with your web development services in India. However, it isn’t the case.


You didn’t direct your user correctly, users were redirected to the page’s main page. Your strategies were all without a trace.

This is the significance of an effective UX/UI design. To build you you have to integrate the requirements of your and mix them with your style so that the users find it easy to use your site.

It is possible to make them look as well as feel site enjoyable by playing with animations and designs like the mood board, styles tiles and so on.

Navigation Module

Your site is built for the sole purpose to draw the attention of internet users all over the Internet and convert them into frequent customers.

If you’re looking to achieve this in your web app development company the entirety of developing your web is in the navigation component. Create a navigation system that connects your visitors quickly to the desired webpage. Chatbots are a great way to understand your users’ requirements and direct them to the webpage they want to visit.

The easier a user will be able to navigate your site, the easier it is for you to increase the business.

Concept Testing

We’ve reached the strategizing and planning stage. Now is the moment to put your strategies to the test of litmus.

Take a moment to review your strategies over again. Consider the goal of your site and check if the strategies you employ are helping to get it recognized.

If you sense a disconnect then you should develop a new strategy. Repeat this process until you have all your methods that are in line with your business’s overall concept.

This is how you will get rid of all issues that may arise in the beginning stage of your web development process.


This is the perfect moment to take your web development service to the world. The development stage is when the coding process begins.

In this stage, you must create frameworks and codes as well as define stacks, stacks, and also algorithms to support the functions. As you progress through the list logic is designed to support the features, and separate codes are created to perform different tasks.

The algorithm is created to make the web will be more effective and fulfill the functions stipulated at the beginning of the web app development services in India

Database Architecture

To store data, databases are an important source. After you have developed the functions, you must concentrate on the development of the database’s structure.

This will also be performed based on the requirements of the web app development. It will include the most essential components like the design of the functional and physical capacities of databases, the flow of data within the database, the ability to recall data strategies to reuse the data structures, and so on. The functioning of web development is assured.

After that, it is time to assess the database for the storage of data. The capacity of the storage needs to be evaluated as well as the quality of data and security of the data.

Frontend and Backend Development

To bring the functionality to the real world and to provide a compelling interface to the users of your platform, ensure that you create an engaging front-end design.

You can make use of the technology that includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, AngularJS, NodeJS, and more. to deliver a superior experience for your users. This will allow users to easily navigate every page on your web page.

It is now the age of mobile devices. You must ensure that your website is responsive to ensure that your visitors can visit your web regardless of their devices.


It’s time to collect the pieces and complete the puzzle. This is the way you’ll be able to see your entire web app taking shape.

In the process of developing the site, the modules that were developed and coded, are merged to create the module. In this way, a bigger module is constructed and finally, features are added.

It can be accomplished by two methods – you can mix two modules simultaneously or you can mix all of them and test them in one go. However, to make the process simpler it is recommended that you work one by one and then check it.

This involves connecting all modules with any API from a third party and the database.


After the integration has been completed it is time for the web application development company to be checked for compliance with the specifications. If it is in line with your expectations.

Test all forms, hyperlinks, webpages, HTML/CSS functions Navigation tests, cookie testing databases, the relevance of content, etc. Compatibility testing is the process of determining whether the web app development company works across all platforms and works with all technologies. In addition, it applies to mobiles as well as other gadgets.

Security testing is the process of testing web applications in a variety of tests, including login credentials, URLs of any webpage that should not be able to open without login, and a list of all errors and attempts to breach security.

Integration testing tests the behavior of the site in the event of an unwelcome scenario, such as interruption of connection, aborting the procedure, etc.

The purpose of performance testing is to assess the efficiency of a site One test is load, and the second one is stress.


Web app development is not just about programming and does not stop once you have released your code. You can make it more efficient and improve with Soft Suave to deal with an issue. This is also true when developing an application. It’s not all just about the things you will do in the very beginning in the creation of an app. It’s how you keep the app by continually changing it.

It is essential to experiment with what your customers like and dislike. The first phase as well as the life cycle can guide you to navigate the process.

If you’re concerned about the expense of creating an app don’t be concerned in the least. Make sure you keep your requirements as low as possible and then work on making improvements.

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Krish is the head of the business development team at Soft Suave, a leading mobile app development company that makes app ideas into reality by providing unique mobile app development across iOS, Android & Cross platforms.

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