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12 Must-Have UX and Performance Features For Every Mobile App

Customers expect that a mobile app should offer the same functionality as a website. We have listed a few essential UX features to offer the best!

Mobile apps are everything about a user. There are two types of apps in the market, one which succeeds and the other which fails. User experience is one difference between the different kinds of apps. User experience or UX comprises everything that affects a user’s perception and interaction with the product.

Mobile app development services create out-of-the-box solutions to meet the specific requirements of target users. A great idea alone cannot help build a successful mobile app. A lot of things go into the process, especially user experience because it is as essential as any other aspect for the success of your mobile app.

User experience goes beyond the graphical representation of a mobile app. Whether you are building a new mobile app for your business or are updating an existing one, a few features are essential and should be kept in mind.

Here is the list of a few essential UX and performance features below:

  • A Simple Sign-In Process

The first impression formed by a mobile app on the user is significant when they use the app for the first time. Whether you are building a corporate app or an eCommerce app, it must have easy-to-use functionality and include a simple sign-in page. For instance, apps nowadays offer a one-click sign-in option through their Apple, Phone, or Google login.

  • A Quick-Loading Landing Page

When building a mobile app for your business, you should include a concise, clean, easy-to-navigate, and quick loading feature. When users use your app for the first time, they don’t spend much time exploring it in detail; hence you should grab their attention quickly. Don’t forget to include a search function in your mobile app since it will allow users to search for anything they are looking for.

  • An Easy Push To Desktop

It is human nature that we switch between apps too fast when multitasking, or when they are using their mobile device, or when traveling. Many times people email themselves a few things or articles to view them later on a larger screen. Your business’s mobile app during modern times should contain interoperability to switch between desktop and mobile easily.

  • Referral And Sharing Features

There is nothing new in putting your business in the hands of your users. You should ask yourself, “What mobile app features will help retain customers, build recurring revenue, and keep the cycle going with no additional efforts?” A straightforward answer to this question is sharing and referral features. You should not underestimate the power of virality and word of mouth.

  • Parity With Web Functionality

For an end-user, nothing’s more irritating than finding that the mobile app has nothing in parity with the core features of a business website. If you already have a web app for your business, ensure that all critical features of that app are covered in a mobile app to avoid risks of all kinds.

  • Security Maintenance

Though security is not a part of the UX, it is an essential consideration that should be taken into account when you plan to build a mobile app. You should have a comprehensive and ongoing plan for security maintenance that includes code updates, patches, and testing. Mobile app development is not a process that is done once and then can be forgotten. It stays vulnerable to risks, and regular attendance is required to security risks until the mobile app stays in production.

  • A ‘Focus’-Like Feature

The focus feature of Apple is one of the best things you will get to see. We are all aware of the overwhelmed feeling one gets because of the digital distractions, which are accompanied by the inability to focus. We recommend businesses follow Apple’s lead and offer users the option to prioritize user engagement over interruptions and background app notifications.

  • Biometric Login

The use of passwords was back in the 2000s, and people are nowadays more used to biometric logins. Work from home systems has given rise to cybercrime and have hence made security paramount in the modern age. For business users, using a face or a biometric login is a must. Several major mobile app development platforms support biometric and face detection logins, and it is also advantageous for user experience and data management.

  • Accessibility Features

Accessibility is something that you shouldn’t compromise on when it comes to your mobile app. Rather it should be a critical part of your app development that is meant for the masses. You can choose to use contrasting colors so that people suffering from color-blindness can see the images and texts. We recommend using appropriate alt text for the images and text in logical order so that the same experience is imparted to visually impaired people.

  • Transparency Regarding Privacy And Data Use

When you are building a mobile app for your business, ensure that complete transparency is maintained when it comes to personal information and consumer privacy. Consumers pay great attention to privacy and are also worried about how a business uses the information provided in the mobile app. Everything that includes financial data, facial recognition, passwords, and PINs is stored in the device. Transparency when it comes to privacy is the key.

  • App Analytics

Tools like app analytics are at table stakes nowadays. These tools analyze data in real-time, which includes the performance and usability of a mobile app. App Analytics helps you gain deeper insights into how your app is performing, how users are behaving, and what you can do to increase engagement, reduce churn, enhance reach, and offer a better experience. It serves as a feedback loop from the consumers and is highly beneficial.

  • Single-Hand Navigation

Mobile apps are critical since they are used in mobile apps and represent convenience over everything else. A mobile app should be easily usable with one hand only. If your mobile app takes a lot of time and requires effort while using it, it depicts that the app was not designed as efficiently as it should have been. Stick to a rule of thumb that a mobile app should be easily used with one hand when the other is engaged in another task, like eating.


If you don’t have the expertise to build a mobile app as per the current market trends, hire an expert mobile app development company to get a mobile app developed. It is all about making the interaction experience of your users with your brand superb. When honing the design of your mobile app, always keep in mind that its success is dependent on the users. The features of your app should be able to guide your users throughout the app seamlessly. When done right, your brand will be loved by your prospects.

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An Avid Writer by nature. Head of HR & People Ops | OD Expert. Having passion towards technology and with multi-functional experience at WeblineIndia, a leading Software Development Company in USA & India, Vikrant loves sharing insights on optimizing the success and internet visibility of the customers’ businesses.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jignesh Thanki

    January 5, 2022 at 5:31 am

    These days clients expect mobile applications to offer the same functionality as a business’ website in a format that’s optimized for their mobile devices.

    A compatible mobile app design grow the familiarity with the application and makes it easy for users to interact with it.

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