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7 Incredible and Powerful Cross Platform App Analytics Tools

The internet has always had this problem of plenty. Whenever you head out to search for something, you tend to get overwhelmed with information. Plenty of information is available on every possible subject online. But you might not have the time to scroll through all of it, besides it might not be relevant to you. It can be time consuming and boring as well.


While searching for the best tools for App Analytics, you shall face the same problem. So I shall make your job easier by shortlisting and highlighting the best App Analytics tools which are available today. Many of them are open source, while a few of them are pay and use.

  1. Piwik

Piwik is an open source Analytics tool for cross platform Apps, but only for basic functions. To enable its advanced features you will require a paid membership. Furthermore, Piwik provides easy integrations with almost all platforms from Node.js to WordPress. It can be used for Data tracking, Event tracking and campaign tracking. Piwik also helps you to track your Analytics while travelling with its Android and iOS applications. It might not be a powerful tool but can be certainly useful.

  1. Heap

Heap is another tool which is open source but only with basic features. For using its advanced features you have to pay. It is a powerful tool which tracks user activity on the app like number of clicks, form submissions etc. User segments can be created to track any kind of user activity and behaviour while on the app. It has some good features and allows easy integration. This tool works cross platform for both websites and iOS Apps. Working with it is almost like magic, all you have to do is to select the activity you wish to track and your job is done.


This is another tool which is free as well as paid. It is a real time Analytics tool which is simple, yet beautiful. What is most amazing about this tool is that it allows running advanced queries to users who have limited knowledge of Analytics. It also has data conversion features for retroactive analysis of past events. It is easy to use it on all types of applications due to its close proximity to iOS, Android, C#, HTTP and API.

  1. Google Analytics

This Analytics tool is considered the Godfather of all Analytics tools. It has become a household name over time with regards to web Analytics, but most people do not pay attention to what it has to offer for mobile Analytics. It has a huge number of mobile Analytics features and also offers ease of use. You simply have to download one of its Analytics templates to get started.

  1. aims to be the world’s simplest analytics tool. The user is asked to add a few code snippets that will let kilometer know when one of the following events happens: Website is visited, New User Join, User Cancel, User log in,User is billed In return Kilometer automatically creates and display important charts and KPIs that will give you the big picture of your business. The product itself is super user friendly and no coding or analytics experience is required. More info can be found on

  1. Opentracker

This is another free and paid Analytics tool. It makes geo location user tracking and real time tracking extremely easy. It even allows you to tag users to access their information later on. It has an API and allows you to design features, but off the application.  It is compatible with Android, iOS, web apps and websites.

  1. FoxMetrics

FoxMetrics is an advanced Analytics tool which has to be paid for. It helps to track user activity in mobile and web applications. It can help optimize the in-app user experience and increase conversion rates. FoxMetrics can pin point the page which a user viewed, which feature of the app is more used.


I have tried to shortlist the top rated App Analytics tools of the industry. But the choices are plenty as I have discussed before. I would however like the readers to give their valuable inputs and share their opinions with me.

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Macy Jones is a Melbourne based iPhone App developer. Her exemplary work in the field of iPhone App development has encouraged many budding app developers of the industry. Share her views on the subject by connecting with her on Facebook or Twitter.



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  2. Ashutosh kumar

    June 30, 2015 at 10:34 pm

    I was reading the post one question in mind can we use these Analytics Tools on websites.?


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