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Windows 10 Gets Closer To A Final Version With Every New Release

I hope Microsoft doesn’t want to do too much in a time too short with its upcoming operating system, Windows 10. Their previous releases had a series of issues: Windows Vista was generally considered a mess (although some say that it just needed much stronger hardware to work at its full capacity) and it was quickly replaced by Windows 7, the first OS Microsoft released as a beta since its conception.

Windows 8 was also a mess, hated by most of the users unfortunate enough to install it – and the Windows 8.1 upgrade didn’t do much good for it either. Now Microsoft prepares for the next step in the evolution of its operating system, this time with so many promises that I don’t even know where to start. Again, like in the case of Windows 7, it’s heavily relying on user feedback – thousands of users have signed up to test the latest Windows operating system on all platforms – desktop, tablet and mobile. And the future looks promising.

For Desktop

Windows 10 for desktop computers will be released at a yet unknown date this summer, followed by a mobile and tablet release later this year. According to some sources it will come “sooner than expected” – but they, too, are reluctant to speculate on an exact date.

Windows 10 will have a series of revolutionary features – the Universal Apps, allowing users to use the same piece of software downloaded from euro palace online casino both on their desktop and mobile devices, Continuum, that will allow the users connect their mobile devices to an external screen and load an app, seek out promotion info and news on a larger screen, with the browser adapting to the changed screen size and resolution in a snap. Another thing considered by many a “revolution” will be Microsoft finally getting rid of its outdated, outsmarted and outgrown Internet Explorer web browser, replacing it with a brand new, minimalistic and lightweight browser called Edge. Internet Explorer will continue to be supported for computers still using Windows 8, but Windows 10 will only use the new engine built into Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft OS

One thing that most users expect the most about the new Microsoft OS is Cortana, the company’s Halo-inspired digital personal assistant. From what I have seen until today the (universal) app is highly promising: it will do at least as much – or even more – than Apple’s Siri, and will even have a sense of humor (haha).

Microsoft will release the new version of its operating system this year on desktops, mobile devices, the Raspberry Pi 2, and its revolutionary new piece of hardware, the HoloLens. What is that? Well, that’s for another time, I’m afraid.

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