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10 Common Pests that Will Invade Your Garden this Summer

Wasp on flower

For many people, summer is a time of late evenings outdoors, backyard barbeques and swimming in the pool. Enjoying your garden in the summer months can be one of the most enjoyable parts of being a homeowner. Unfortunately, many pests also want to enjoy your garden during the summer months.


Although ticks can be in your garden all year-round, they are most abundant and active during the summer. Ticks can carry pathogens that may cause disease in humans and pets. They are small and may be hard to find at first. The CDC recommends carefully checking for ticks before going indoors and removing any as promptly as possible.


Grubs are small larvae of the June beetle, also called the June bug. They feed on the roots and underground parts of grass. Grubs are most prevalent during the summer and fall months. They can make maintaining a beautiful, healthy lawn difficult.


Mosquitoes are typically harmless but annoying. However, some of these pests can carry pathogens that may cause disease. They are most active at dawn and dusk and tend to breed around standing water. If you want to enjoy summer evenings on your property, consider getting a mosquito treatment.


Ants are possibly the most common type of summer garden pest. There are many different types of ants. Fire ants can become aggressive when disturbed and inflict painful stings on people and pets. Carpenter ants like to live in wood and can damage structures including sheds, decks and even homes.

Bees and Wasps

Stinging summer insects can leave painful marks on anyone who disturbs them. Some people are allergic to bees and wasps, so be mindful or any unusually severe reactions. If you find stinging insects, don’t wat at them and try to remain calm.


Every pet owner knows the importance of protecting against fleas. They can attack people as well. Fleas are more active during the summer and leave eggs and larvae in moist soil.


Beetles can frustrate any homeowner trying to maintain a healthy garden. They attack many types of vegetables. They can carry pathogens that cause diseases in plant life.


Aphids are another type of common summer pest that affects vegetable gardens. They attack new growth or the underside of leaves.

Get Help 

Keeping your garden free of these pests and others in the summer is no small task. Consider getting professional help from a Pensacola exterminator. With the right help, you can enjoy your outdoor spaces fully.

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