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Your Comprehensive Guide To The Top Players Who Accepts Crypto As Payment

Over the years, the cryptocurrency market has been booming, and Bitcoin has emerged to be the most dominant form of this digital currency. Currently, Bitcoin is the most popular and leading digital currency and has been widely accepted by several companies as a legitimate funding source.

For instance, you can use crypto to top up your Microsoft account now. There are several crypto trading platforms like Crypto Genius that allow you to earn daily profit, which you can use to make payments in multiple places apart from simply trading. As an alternative mode of transferring funds for people with no access to traditional banks, cryptocurrency revolutionized the digital payment system.

Below are the top players that accept cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. Check them all.

1. Microsoft

You can use crypto to top up your Microsoft account. The gigantic software company also allows using this digital currency for various other services. You can pay with Bitcoin for Microsoft apps, games, Xbox Live, and various other digital content.

2. Wikipedia

Wikipedia, the world’s most comprehensive encyclopedia, has started to accept financial contributions and donations in Bitcoin. The company that runs it – Wikimedia, uses BitPay for the payment platform access.

3. PayPal

PayPal customers in the US can use it to buy and sell cryptocurrency. The customers can also use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum at vendors/merchants who accept PayPal payments.

4. Starbucks

Yes, it’s impossible to pay for your morning coffee by using Bitcoin at the Starbuck register, and you can use the Starbuck app to add funds. For instance, Bakkt, a third-party digital wallet, can instantly convert your Bitcoin into dollars for use in its merchant partner stores, including Starbucks.

5. AT&T

AT&T is the first significant mobile phone provider to offer a cryptocurrency payment option to customers in the US. Customers who need to pay via Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrencies can use any third-party payment gateway like BitPay.

6. Overstock

This widely famous online retailer in the US is the first significant retailer to accept cryptocurrency as a mode of payment after partnering with Coinbase. Overstock was way ahead of Microsoft and PayPal in terms of accepting crypto as payment.

7. Twitch

Twitch added cryptocurrency as one of its modes of payment in 2014. This Amazon-owned leading game streaming video platform accepts Ether, Bitcoin, USD Coin, Bitcoin Cash, and other lesser-known cryptocurrencies.

8. Amazon

Although Amazon still doesn’t accept cryptocurrencies as payments directly, you can use if you want to make the payment with Bitcoin.

9. Home Depot

Home Depot, one of the famous home improvement retailers, accepts Bitcoin by using the Flexa digital payment system without purchasing any additional hardware.

10. Whole Foods

Like Home Depot, Whole Foods accepts Bitcoin using the Flexa platform. The platform allows you to instantly convert your crypto into dollars, ensuring seamless payments with Bitcoin.  

Final Words

With the rapidly increasing popularity of cryptocurrency across the world, more and more companies have started to invest, trade as well as accept cryptocurrency. There’s no doubt that this digital currency is the future, and we should get started by using it from now.

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