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You Have to Run to Stand Still: 5 Newest Phones and their Accessories

Don’t be surprised, when you read this text it may well be that another new best mobile phone is already at the top of the list. Manufacturers are restless and develop new phones extremely fast these days. Despite that, these smartphones are also worth paying attention to. The top five have really striking features and the prices are constantly dropping due to rapidly changing supply.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

During the last few months “Samsung Galaxy Note 8” has been unrivalled. Then the phones “Huawei P20 Pro” and “Apple iPhone X” got ahead of it for a while. Currently at the top of the list is the newest “Galaxy Note 9”. This smartphone distinguishes itself for its huge internal storage capacity, powerful battery, improved camera, wonderful sound system and a new fingerprint scanner function. “Galaxy Note 9” is water resistant and has wireless charging function. Toss a micro SD card of huge capacity into this phone and you’ll have a phone with almost 1TB of storage.

2. Huawei P20 PRO

It is second in the list, though not worse than previously mentioned smartphones. This novelty really gets your attention. A triple-lens camera will give you an opportunity to take wonderful pictures even in low light. None of the manufacturers has ever offered such perfect photography functions. “Huawei P20 PRO” has a large battery which will hold through the whole day of intense use. This smartphone is also water resistant and extremely handy – swiftly and accurately responds to every tap.

3. Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus

As all the other “Samsung” phones, this one distinguishes itself for its camera quality: 12mp rear camera and 8mp front camera. “Samsung Galaxy S9” will offer you 64 GB of internal storage, which can be expanded even up to 400 GB with a micro SD card. The phone has also a wireless charging pad. There’s one drawback of this phone – the screen easily collects fingerprint smudges.

4. Apple iPhone X

The price of this smartphone is the highest in comparison to the prices of the other best- selling smartphones with similar functions. By the way, it is now available at a store with a very great discount!

The design of this “iPhone” is already entirely different from the previous “Apple” phones. The main distinctiveness – a huge 5.8-inch all-screen display. You’ll have to use Face ID to lock and unlock the phone. “iPhone X” also takes pride in its wireless charging function, modern camera and a powerful processor due to which the smartphone simply “flies”. The main drawback – additional micro SD card is not available for this phone in case you feel the need for more storage capacity.

5. LG G7 ThinQ

A lot of experts review this smartphone as “nothing special”. In fact, this “LG” product is simpler than previously mentioned phones. However, it also has a wide-angle dual camera, wireless charging, face recognition sensor, and a sufficiently large screen. It must be observed that the price of “LG G7 ThinQ” is half the price of earlier mentioned phones. Here, store offers the “Apple iPhone X” for EUR 1279, 99, and the “LG G7 ThinQ” only for EUR 634. It is indeed a good choice at an affordable price.

5 Newest Phone Accessories

We get hold on various phones accessories together with the phones. Their manufacturers do not stand idly by either and are constantly offering us various novelties. We briefly introduce 5 newest and extremely useful phone accessories.

1. Smartwatch “Fitbit”. Just as other similar phone accessories, this device will track your sports activities, will measure your heart rate and will give you advice on how to improve your results. “Fitbit” is different for its ability to automatically track your training, notify to move if you’ve been sitting for too long, and guide your breathing according to your movement intensity.

2. Virtual reality glasses. Feel the desire to try diving, mountain climbing or maybe a tour in the caves? But you’re afraid of excessively extreme conditions or maybe there’s simply a lack of time or money? There is a very simple solution to that – virtual reality glasses! These phone accessories will get you even to a different period! We offer you to try “GT VR 3D Universal 3.5-6”. The glasses are compatible with the majority of smartphones and are of a really modern design.

3. Wireless headphones. Are you looking for headphones which can be used when training or even swimming? Choose “Overmax Active”. Just as other phone accessories mentioned here it will be indeed useful: you will be able to listen to music anywhere you want, even in the swimming pool – “Overmax Active” are water resistant. Moreover, even 8 GB of music can be uploaded to the headphones, which you will be able to listen to up to 13 hours.

4. Selfie stick “Selfie Stick eSTAR B3”. Made of solid aluminium, therefore, it is extremely light. It will be easy to carry this stick in your bag when you’re travelling – it is really short when folded up, only 23 cm. “Selfie Stick eSTAR B3” is compatible with the majority of smartphones.

5. Wireless portable speaker “JBL Flip 4 1.0”. Light, waterproof, delivering extremely powerful stereo sound. “JBL Flip 4 1.0” can be used at home as well as in conference room. You will be able to wirelessly connect 2 devices to the speaker simultaneously and listen to music for up to 12 hours.

The market is constantly offering new phones and phone accessories. However, we advise you not to rush and only after great consideration to acquire the device that is most suitable for you. We hope that this article was useful and will help you to sift through this abundance of smart devices.

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