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X Rider BMX: One Of A Kind BMX Style Game

X Rider BMX is a BMX-style game that places players on a half-pipe where they are able to perform a wide variety of tricks for the most amount of points possible. While there are no obstacles to avoid, players must avoid crashing when coming back down out of the air and try their best to get as many points as they can before the timer runs out. X Rider BMX features two game modes that include a Competition Mode in which players must perform as many tricks as possible in 120 seconds and a Free-Ride mode that is not timed in which players can practice their tricks before attempting the Competition Mode.


In X Rider BMX, players are placed on a half-pipe and are expected to perform as many awesome tricks as they can in order to earn points. While on the half-pipe, press and hold the spacebar to increase your power. Once you are in the air, do your tricks using the following keys. When you come back down, press the Down Arrow to land on the half-pipe.


  • Up:  Stands on the seat with one leg pulled back – 50 points
  • V: Does a front flip off the seat – 150 points
  • X: Superman Seat Grab – 200 points
  • B: Stands on the seat in a karate style – 215 points
  • C: Does a hand stand on the handlebars – 220 points
  • Left Arrow key: Rotates the entire bike vertically in the left direction – 250 points
  • Z: Does a hand stand on the seat – 300 points
  • Right Arrow key: Rotates the entire bike vertically in the right direction: 350 points


  • Z, X – an extra 50 points
  • Left, Left – an extra 100 points
  • V, V, C – an extra 150 points
  • Right, C – an extra 200 points
  • Left, Right – an extra 250 points
  • Right, Right – an extra 300 points

Difficulty Level:

X Rider BMX is a fairly difficult game to play as the player must always press the Down Arrow key whenever he/she lands back down on the half-pipe. If the player doesn’t do this, the character will crash his bike. The half-pipe is also pretty short, preventing the player from gaining enough power to properly perform the tricks he/she intends to do. Since these tricks are difficult to memorize, it takes a lot of skill to successfully play this game.


X Rider BMX is challenging, to say the least, but lacks enough entertainment to make it worthwhile. As there are no obstacles to avoid and there are no additional characters, courses, and bikes to choose from, this game is very dull and can be frustrating for players who don’t want to put the time into memorizing the many different tricks that are available. While X Rider BMX is a good game for players who are looking for a challenge, it is not recommended to those who simply want to bust out a few good moves or use their points for anything meaningful.

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