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Writing a Narrative Essay: Essence and Effective Writing Tips

There are several kinds of essays, and each of them has its purpose and peculiarities. If you are to write a narrative essay, it’s time to know more about the principles of narrative essay writing. Consider the following recommendations when writing a narrative essay.

The purpose of writing a narrative essay is telling a story connected with your own experience. Narrative essay writing gives you an opportunity to analyze your experience, to make conclusions and to share them with a reader.

Examples of narrative essay topics:

An event from childhood

Your biggest achievement/failure

The most difficult decision you have ever taken

A moment when you changed your attitude towards somebody/something

The tips below will help you to cope with writing a narrative essay.

Writing a narrative essay: tip 1

Make your story fascinating. Your task is to make your reader believe you, to get interested and to emphasize with your narration.

Writing a narrative essay: tip 2

Do not forget about a thesis statement. Writing a narrative essay somewhat differs from writing other kinds of essays. However, it also implies that you do not write spontaneously, but focus on a certain idea and develop it through the whole essay.

Writing a narrative essay: tip 3

Choose an appropriate writing style. Writing a narrative essay allows being less formal than in other kinds of essays. However, do not get carried away: for example, it is better to use contractions and colloquialisms in dialogues rather than in your narration itself.

Writing a narrative essay: tip 4

Support your narration with details. They make a narrative essay interesting for a reader. Describe the brightest moments and minor, but eloquent details; tell about your emotions and feelings.

Follow these tips and try to write a mystery essay:

Mystery essay is the one that explains an interesting event or a suspense novel’s plot or unexplored aspects of any theme. Thus mystery essay can describe horror plots of a suspense novel or spine chilling experiences of an individual. In addition to that, mystery essay should be able to capture the imagination of the reader in explaining the suspense aspects of an incident.

Hence, the writer should start writing mystery essay by explaining the apparent facts and just avoiding the reasons for them intentionally. In the next stage, the mystery essay should consider discussing the consequences of apparent facts explained initially.

Hence, the writer has to follow the following points in writing a Mystery essay:

First, select an interesting incident in a novel or an experience of your own to write a mystery essay.

It is important to focus on the story and to pick the ingredients while writing a mystery essay

A mystery essay should have a cohesive narrative.

It is difficult to have a cohesive narrative for a mystery essay as it does not reveal the background facts until the end. It is important to note that the flow in narration is important in various stages of mystery essay. Moreover, mystery essay should follow continuity between different stages of it.

It is important because the mystery essay can capture the attention of the reader when there is cohesive narration as well as the flow of the facts. If no reader will be ready to read a mystery essay as it does not reveal the reason and the cause until the end. Hence the narration is important for a mystery essay as it is the description of consequences without knowing the reason.

Susan Wall is the blog writer at Mc Essay. Her expertise includes career, self-development, and education. I also teach in college and like helping my students. 

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I am a creative writer. I work from essay writing company. I also teach in college and like helping my students. I have my own style that is why many students like me

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