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Reasones why Preschool years are Most Important for Holistic Child Development

Child development may be discussed in terms of five stages.

1. Newborn

2. Infant

3. Toddler

4. Preschool

5. School-age

First five years are the most important years of life for child development as changes are rapid with their growth. These couple of years of cycle preschool years (between 3-5 years) are responsible for not only physical but also emotional, social and cognitive development which has a direct effect on their overall development and on the person they become.

Failing to reach some of the milestones during this may lead to developmental disabilities. Therefore its always the best option to enrol your child in a preschool in Ahmedabad for them to have their best years of growing up.

A. Creating a Strong Foundation

Preschoolers are quick learners especially due to their ability to learn fast and sharp in a real-life situation. It is these years that lay the strong roots of foundation and benefits of which is reaped as they propel further in life.

In Preschool years, children are charged with physical energy and in the acme of curiosity, they want to learn many things at once. They are also having a lot of questions on whatever they see or experience. So, these years provide them with a foundation of learning which that sets their path for future endeavours. These early childhood years pose a highly critical and formative phase that helps children to find their true potential.

B. Learning and maturity of basic skills take place:

•    Learning new skills

Till stage 3 or toddler phase, the child spends her time with parents or with known members. Enter preschool age and they start exploring the world at a daycare preschool in Ahmedabad. Meeting new people, making new friends and discovering a whole new environment to get nurtured. A child starts interacting with others, playing an important role in development as they learn the concept of boundaries and acceptable social behaviour.

This helps to learn a new language by meeting new people and probably speaking a different language.  So, the child learns language diversity and understands the importance of communication.

These years are essential to negate the fear of unknown and this is only possible by getting out of the comfort zone. Preschool years can thus help in developing skills like learning a new language, building confidence; learn to share things (toys/food), new interaction and engagement with other people, etc.

•    Maturity or refining skills

Preschool years are mature learning phase as children understand many things. Children’s communication and language skills are limited until the age of three. As they enter school, they start talking more with surrounding people, making long and complex sentences helping them to do tongue twisting for effortless command over a language. Motor skills refine as this stage only. Also promotes social and emotional development.

Children gain a sense of self as they explore and play with other children around them and thereby building confidence. Kids in this age discover their capability to a few new things on their own without depending on either of the parents and teachers. Cognitive development also takes place as they start playing intellectual games and brain development occur which not only helps them to decide but also helps to distinguish between good and bad.

C.    Developing School Readiness and Maturity

As the name shows preschool years are essential for holistic childhood development as they prepare themselves for elementary school education. The preschool years will them getting accustomed to the schedule and learn discipline. The preschool learning at home and classroom will mature them with age and ensure they have certain adequate knowledge regarding social and moral conduct.

This means, preschool years also affect the way they form relationships with teachers and peers around them. They learn virtues with small stuff like being unkind to another child and taking their toy will lead the other child not talking back or revoking the friendship. These are all fundamental building blocks progressing towards social relationships and are placed high in the early years. If it is not done so at the right time, it gets difficult for the child to fit in that easily with others and in society in general.

D.    Fighting Disabilities or Mental illness

These preschool years help children to grow and expand in every aspect of life. Development from spiritual to social skills take place. If parents or teachers fail to give proper guidance or care is not taken in these years children can suffer from disabilities like lack of motor skills-Dyspraxia , not able to concentrate –ADHD, lower self-esteem develop which cause mental illness in future as they are not able to take a decision for their own and end up in frustration. Emotional imbalance which may ruin their personal life. Lack of cognitive skills- MCI followed by Alzheimer at an early age.

This goes on to show how preschool years are crucial to the development of children. Parents and teachers too play a vital role in shaping up the child’s future at such a tender age.

They learn from things happening around them and therefore, it is highly recommended to keep them in a positive environment that harness their growth potential and nurtures latent skills and creativity.

Written By

Usha Agrawal co-founder at LittleWings, one of the leading Daycare center in Ahmedabad that focuses on the holistic development of children. Her dedication towards understanding childhood development contributed immensely to providing many kids with a solid foundation in the early years.

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