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Working with Headhunters: All You Need to Know

Today, outsourcing the recruitment process is preferred as it easily, timely and cost-effectively gets you in touch with talented candidates in the market. Head-hunters and recruiters, both are a great source of help if you are well-versed with their functioning and know how to interact with them. For instance, the process of headhunting, especially, is mistaken for traditional recruiting which is quite different from the latter. This may lead to unsuccessful recruitment activities which may affect the company and the head-hunter, negatively.

To make the best out of your collaboration with a head-hunter, make sure to be well aware of their working. Remember to keep the following points in mind while working with head-hunters.

Access to Confidential Job Opportunities

Unlike recruiters, head-hunters do not connect with candidates over online job portals. Instead, they turn to their professional network of incredibly qualified executives that they build over years of experienced headhunting. This strong network is a head-hunter’s greatest asset.

The extensive network that they have, gives them access to job openings that are not even publicly advertised by companies. Head-hunters are mainly hired to look for candidates who would perfectly fit into hard-to-fill, confidential job roles. Thus, if you are looking for a job in order to change your career path, head-hunters are probably not a favourable choice as they search for employees who are established in their fields.

Employer Interaction

While working with head-hunters, the client needs to be detailed, frank and open about its requirements from the candidate. This is very crucial as a better understanding of the company’s expectations can help the head-hunter provide the best fit. Head-hunters are equipped with extensive knowledge and contacts in the market and thus, can fetch you the exact match to fit the vacant position in the company.

To make the most of the expertise of the head-hunter, it is very important for the employer to be thorough and not indecisive about what he needs from the candidate. Hence, the company should clearly articulate the same to the head-hunter in a detailed manner.

Candidates Dealt With

It is important to note that head-hunters generally do not deal with resumes of applicants who are freshers and new to the job market. They work with resumes of highly competent, professional candidates who are in the job market already. They filter the best out of the rest. Their filtering process is extensive and comprehensive, at the end of which you are given a short list of perfectly qualified, suitable candidates.

It is thus, important to be clear about what to expect from the head-hunter. This is to say that the company needs to have clarity about the kind of candidates that the head-hunter may provide.

Invested in Your Success

Head-hunters are completely invested in matching the right person with the right job. This is true mainly because they work on commission. Getting their clients that well-qualified, competent employee is what gets them their earnings. Thus, there is no doubt about the fact that head-hunters are highly motivated in looking for the perfect star candidates for you.

It all boils down to the fact about how well the head-hunter knows his client. More detailed and better the understanding, more fruitful is the recruitment process. Headhunting should be understood clearly to get the most out of the relationship you share with the head-hunter. Thus, bear in mind the above-mentioned points while working with a head-hunter and you are sure to get the star candidate who will be a perfect fit for your company.

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