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What are the Wireless Communication Solutions Available for the Manufacturing Sector?

Manufacturing companies around the world are seeking an integrated communications solution that would increase workforce efficiency, improve safety, and reduce delivery time. They want a solution that can connect all devices and workers seamlessly and speed up interactions between equipment and people.

Today, manufacturers use innumerable wireless gadgets and applications that demand a more reliable WiFi network. IT support may not always be accessible in manufacturing environments so the communication solution must be simple and effective.

Wireless LANs, Smart WiFi APs (access points), apartment WiFi, warehouse radio communications, and cloud services are some of the wireless solutions that manufacturing sector can take advantage of. An ideal wireless solution would provide the following benefits:

1.      Ensure safety of workforce  

The manufacturing plant can be a dangerous place when the network is erratic, and deadlines are fixed.

  • The workers need optimized devices that can be heard in deafening surroundings with reliable connectivity throughout the plant.
  • The wireless solution can be extended to any device including mobiles, laptops, and tablets on any network providing instant communications to the key personnel.
  • The sharing of critical data enables workers to make an informed decision during an emergency.
  • The hands-free functions allow mobility and ensure teams can interact clearly and consistently.

2.      Smart and efficient working

Today’s smart manufacturing age is dominated by efficient and cost saving solutions.

  • By automating processes, manufacturers can solve problems, improve quality, and maximize profits.
  • Valuable information can be shared instantly with all key groups, regardless of the device they use and their location.
  • Information is power. The wireless solution can help workers reach their potential and expedite delivery by consolidating their communications.

3.      Reduce downtime 

In today’s competitive market, an unforeseen disruption can lead to failed deadlines, reduced orders, annoyed customers, and permanent harm to the business.

  • An ideal communications solution will be able to eliminate waste and minimize downtime. The solution will help keep the manufacturing lines working on the schedule.
  • The business-centric application is designed to simplify manufacturing and delivery in fast-paced surroundings.

4.     Managing fleet and distribution operations

The reliable communication solution ensures uninterrupted supply of completed goods to the customers.

  • The solution helps optimize vehicles to benefit the supply chain and the customers. Finished products are delivered to the right location on time.
  • The applications connected over the efficient network can track vehicles and deliveries to improve safety and meet regulatory requirements. This lowers operating costs and keeps drivers safe, and customers satisfied.
  • Manufacturers can meet deadlines securely with on-time delivery to meet the expectations of customers with customized communication solutions. 

5.    Increase productivity with faster communications

The manufacturing companies can leverage their resources to communicate with the workforce on their devices.

  • The wireless solution allows managers located away from the plant to talk to workers at the plant using their own devices.
  • The solution connects any device – laptops, mobiles, landlines, and tablets on any data network, including apartment Wi-Fi. This facilitates seamless connectivity and the freedom to use package plans and devices.
  • Better WiFi technology can make manufacturing sector more efficient and increase customer satisfaction through speedy delivery of services and products.

6.      Communication beyond geographic borders

The communication in manufacturing sector moves beyond devices, network, and geographic borders.

  • The staff members can use their devices, or the manufacturing companies can provide smart phones, tablets, or telephones that are suitable for their roles in the workplace.
  • With the ideal wireless solution, the workforce can access real-time information and rightly perform their job.
  • By leveraging the devices and communications that they already have, manufacturers can connect all departments instantly, from any device or network for added understanding.
  • Using wireless communications, employees can connect with other teams and departments from their chosen device anytime, anywhere, with crucial business information.

The wireless solutions available for manufacturing sector can help the employees to communicate instantaneously from anywhere. Also, manufacturers can leverage intelligence from a variety of applications developed to help the business grow and protect employees from harm.

Manufacturers can expect seamless collaboration amongst their teams working in the plant, in the office, and in the warehouse. The team members can interact clearly in real time from any location. This reduces downtime and enhances safety. The manufacturers can meet deadlines and keep their customers satisfied.

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Steven Scheck is the Principal of Inspire WiFi, the nationwide leader of multifamily wifi and healthcare wifi. When he isn't bringing Wi-Fi to the masses, he enjoys spending time and traveling with his wife and 4 kids and occasionally gets in a round of golf. He is also very involved in philanthropic causes in Miami and nationally.

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